Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 14)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 3, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 14)

Moet slammed Eyo’s office door angrily. She couldn’t explain her anger for a moment. She had palpitations. She simply could not bring herself down to explain to Eyo why she was right there before him, bittered and angry.

“What is it?” Eyo finally asked. His cunning smile broadened.

“You should warn your girl to stay off my man.” She said, panting heavily.

“Who? I don’t understand.”

“Nkese or whatever her name is, she is now living with Franco.”

“That’s not true.” Eyo retorted abruptly.

“You think I am lying? I saw her cooking in his kitchen.”

“This game has gone too far enough.” Eyo said, searching for his phones in his trouser pocket.

Fanning her warm cheeks, Moet lowered herself on the seat and watched as Eyo dialled Nkese’s number. He placed the phone to his ears and listened to it attentively. But Nkese wasn’t picking her calls.

“She isn’t picking her calls.” Eyo said. “If this is true, I am going to show them pepper!” He added bitterly.

“Well, I think if we are planning to show them pepper, we should do that now. Let’s start now. ”

Scornfully she looked at him up and down.

“I caused all of these. I should have just let this baiting game pass me by. Now I have to fight to get back my woman.” Eyo muttered.

“What did you say?” Moet asked.

“Talking to myself…” Eyo said casually and gave an audible sigh of relief. “I want you to apply for a leave. You and I need to get our partners back. We have to help each other. Except you don’t need Franco in your life anymore.” Eyo added.

A deeper understanding formed between the two of them.

“Of course I want my Franco back. If I lose him I am finished.” Moet said. “What’s the game plan?” She asked.

He pulled her close to himself and whispered something to her ears. She chuckled and asked, “will it work?” Eyo nodded calmly. They both smiled and lowered themselves on a chair, staring at each other’s face in a deep conversation.


Franco poured a cup of steaming brew and added cream. “Eyo sent me an IV for his engagement party” he said to Nkese.

Nkese’s heart trembled. “Engagement?” She asked surprisingly. Franco nodded “Yes.” He checked through his drawer and removed a card, he threw it at her. “It’s a good thing he will be engaging someone else, so that we could have our own space.”

Nkese’s hands began to tremble, and she was afraid the card would fall off her hands. “Who is he engaging?” Her throat seemed to close, and she could not catch her breathe.

“Maybe Mo, maybe someone else that you and I doesn’t know about.”

Frightened, she leaned back in her chair.

“Are you okay?” Franco asked. “You’re not comfortable with the news.”

“Yes…yes…” she faltered. “I don’t love Eyo anymore, but I don’t know why my heart fell when you mentioned his engagement party.”

“It’s normal. You once loved him, so your heart should tremble.” Franco said, sitting beside her and putting his legs on her laps.

Nkese sat forward so that she could catch the breeze that stirred the curtains, but when it touched her face, it was like a blast from the oven. She felt as if a fist were clenching her chests, and she gasped for breath. Something was wrong with her, Franco couldn’t understand. She suddenly had the feeling that everything was closing in her, and there was a ringing in her ears, it was the voice of Franco telling her of Eyo’s engagement. She was suddenly feeling very ill.

Franco stared at her mutely for moments, he wanted to tell her how sorry he was for having to be involved in lovers bait games before he could open up to her. He took her arm and escorted her upstairs. “You don’t look happy, you have to rest.” He said soothingly. “I am sorry if I am inconveniencing you.” He added.

“No. You’re not. I am just feeling bad that I wasted those years, loving the wrong man.” She said softly, almost in whispers.

He clamped his jaw and said nothing.

They walked down to his room, where he lowered her on his bed and covered her with the duvet. She wanted him to stay with her in there, and make her forget about all the wasteful memories she’d had in the past with Eyo Effiwatt.

Franco looked down on her, the world was spinning in her head, and she closed her eyes. “Can I have a tot of alcohol?” She asked weakly.

“Sure. If it will help settle your mind.” Franco said and rushed to his bar. He hurriedly poured some Amarula in a small wine glass and took it to her. She gulped it down her throat and fell back to the bed.

She had tried to be professional where Franco was concerned, but it was getting harder by the day to pretend like she didn’t have a feeling for him. She was only afraid that he might play her down and dump her, she saw herself as the big joke in the game.

Franco stared at her as she slept off. The restlessness that had been quieted, to be replaced by hot, burning desire—- a desire he kept tightly leashed, he was anxiously waiting for Eyo’s engagement party.

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