Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 10, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 11)

Nkese closed her eyes and tried to feel relieved that he was gone, but all she found inside her was a faint apprehension and a hollow sense of loss that had been there ever since Franco left.

She didn’t want to love him because he gave her a car. She had rejected the car several times, but he still forced it on her and promised he meant no harm.

She didn’t want to have a feeling for him. So she corporate with the mutual feeling he’d proposed earlier; Just good friends. Nkese wondered if he really meant it. It was too good to be true.

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The next day, she’d woke with the beautiful image of her new ride in her mind.
Her phone suddenly rang in the midst of the silent and warm morning filled with beautiful thoughts. It was a strange number that called, the truecaller app couldn’t even read it.

“Hello?” She said shrilly.

“Am I onto miss Nkese?” A female voice asked over the phone.

“Yes…it’s…” Nkese faltered.

“You’re needed urgently at Saint Anne’s hospital.”

“For who?” she asked in a shaky tone.

“Mr Franco had a serious fall, he has sustained various injuries on different part of his body. He lost a lot of blood. Your number is the last number he called, we thought it might be of help for now ma’am.” The doctor reeled off.

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A dark hurt shadowed Nkese’s face briefly. She wondered if it was a one of Franco’s pranks. But the female voice over the phone sounded too serious to be taken for granted.

She stared at the door, stung by the lady’s words over the phone. She wished Franco would just appear in her house and tell her that it was all a foolish joke. But no, he didn’t. She took her car keys and rushed to her car, forgetting that she didn’t know how to drive a car just yet, and that Franco had to know where she lives because he drove the car down to her house. She rushed back into the house and took her handbag, walking hastily into the busy road, she took a cab to the hospital.

The hospital was quiet like a graveyard. Calm. Smelt of baby talcum powder. So unusual. It was one of the best and biggest hospitals in town. When Nkese saw that she had been in the reception for over thirty minutes unattended to, she tried dialling the number that called her, but it wasn’t responding.

A lady nurse was walking down the hallway when Nkese ran after her. “Excuse me please.” She said breathing heavily. “I am seeking for Mr Franco. Which ward is he please?” She asked.

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“Room ten. Check upstairs.” The nurse said dryly and walked away.

Nkese managed to find her way to the next floor, her heart was beating so fast. She didn’t realize that she didn’t knock the door when she entered. Her heart skipped when she saw him lay on the bed. He turned his face when the door slammed. It was as if he was expecting her. His face was sweaty and obviously weak.

“What happened?” Nkese asked, her voice almost breaking down.

“I am fine. I fell from my staircase.” He said in a soft but bold tone. “I was on my way to the meridienne for a golf game.” He added and turned his face away uninterestingly.

“So sorry. I am happy you didn’t hurt really bad.”

“I lost blood. lots of blood.” He said in a sad tone.

She rushed to him and hugged him mildly.

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“You will be fine.” She said soothingly.

He smiled softly. Oh, she knew why she loved him, Franco was easy to love. That smile he gave her on his sick bay, saved her heart from breaking again. It was that smile that kept her close. It was that smile that captured her heart when his name was called.

He was a modern day hero man, a superman in a patient coverall, covered with a white duvet, and a bag of drip with a needle adhered to his hands. She knew who he was. They met few days ago, and now, she was right beside his sick bay, with no flowers in her hands to show affection for someone she had feelings for, even if she didn’t accept it. But he gave her a big gift that she was grateful for, the friendship. Not the car.

Franco realized she’d been staring at a particular place for a long time. He held her hands and tickled it. She gave a soft smile, and he smiled back, not minding the pains he was feeling.

The door suddenly clicked open. and guess who appeared in a pant trousers and a shirt?

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 7)


Her face looked confused when her eyes met with Nkese.

That part of it had always been good. Not just good for Franco, but great. He enjoyed seeing Moet’s face turned to something bittered and pained anytime she saw Nkese with him. It always amazed her to watch how he could just simply hang out with someone like Nkese. A girl who could top up a hundred or more on a weight scanner was who her boyfriend would have to hurt her.

Somehow, it wasn’t the same anymore. The way he spoke to her was different.

The wonder.