Lokpanta and the menace of Fulani herdsmen — Ifeanyi Calistus

By Ikenga Chronicles November 16, 2016

Lokpanta and the menace of Fulani herdsmen — Ifeanyi Calistus

Things have really fallen apart in my community– Lokpanta. Fulani herdsmen have brought sacrilege to our land. The ancient forest where the people’s deity ‘Nneoche’ resides has been desecrated. These men took their cattle inside this forest and grazed it dry. In fact it was told that they now live inside the forest as their tents were precariously erected all over the forest. This is unbelievable.

Apart from the chief priests taking care of the shrine, no other person in living memory has ever set foot in that forest and came out the same. A story was told many years ago about a drunk who missed his way and wandered into the forest– he came out the following day blind and died three days later. Maybe the deity has lost it’s potency because the chief priests in charge of the shrine have all joined their ancestors.

These herdsmen imported evil and abomination into our land. A serene and little known village has gone viral in crime and insatiable love for money. Bad things that were happening in distant lands, right now happen before our very eyes.

Nursing mothers are surrendered at gun point as their babies are taken away from them. How did we come to this? In the past, you can easily stop a girl to inquire about her and family and even express a genuine interest if you like. Today, stop a girl, she would help you do the talking. She would ask you to buy her cigarette or get her a bottle of beer. Before you could say ‘jack’ one hand is already in your pocket to check how much you have on you while the other hand is fumbling your lower department to ascertain the size and shape of your manhood. It’s terrible.

The last time i visited, i did not sleep in my room. I slept elsewhere as these evil herdsmen were on rampage. I asked a kid to get me a bottle of beer from a shop nearby he asked me if he should collect one bottle as well. A kid! I was speechless.

Baby factory that we used to watch on the TV is presently a booming business in my village. All the small girls between the ages of 14 and 18 are lured into unwanted pregnancy as these evil men and pimps take them to unknown destinations to deliver the babies. These babies are sold as the mothers are given some money to return for another round of pregnancy.

Our farmlands and streams have all been destroyed. The sanctity of the famous ‘Ngele’, the drinking water from rock has been desecrated as these cattle drank directly from the water channel on the rock. Even their droppings are littered all over the place.

These are the terrible situations we found ourselves in because of Fulani herdsmen.

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