Linda Ikeji And The Judges

By Ikenga Chronicles December 17, 2018

Linda Ikeji And The Judges

The past week has seen the social media space inundated with the Linda Ikeji story. The popular blogger had come out finally to reveal the father of her son Jayce, to be Sholaye Jeremi. 

In a very interesting and detailed epistle, Linda explained how she met the father of her son, and how they moved from planning a wedding, to the baby’s daddy becoming antagonistic and hateful towards her.

As is with any issue that concerns Linda Ikeji, the wolves smelt blood and descended. 

From those who mocked her for “deceiving young girls by asking them to live a life of celibacy”, to those who attacked her for turning out a baby mama, after mocking and attacking others, the wolves cum judges have been relentless. Some even singled out the phrase “fell pregnant”, and turned into a thing of mockery and several internet memes.

Then on Sunday, a story apparently written by one Kemi Ashefon made the rounds. In the said story, Ashefon claims that information from insiders had revealed that what Jeremi had with Linda was a fling, and that afterwards, Linda (desperate for marriage) had tried to blackmail the man into marriage. That story capped off an eventful week and became what many see, as the “other side of the story”. Never mind that it may have been concocted as sources were not named.

It was not surprising, however, how a large chunk of people came for Linda’s blood. She is a highly successful lady, and success breeds envy hence many would seize every opportunity to drag down a successful person. And over the years, Linda has had her fair share of attacks by people anxious to take her down a notch either out of envy, or plain vindictiveness.

Her predicament was not made easier by the fact that she had made her billions as a fearless blogger who had exposed the secrets of many top people in the country. So for many, this was another opportunity for payback.

Yet one wonders what the “judges” think they are gaining from attacking Linda. Linda thrives on controversy and what they have only done was to make her more popular and by so doing, position her for greater payouts! 

Again, one finds it difficult to see anything wrong with a woman, who can clearly give her child the best, having a child. According to Linda, Jayce already has a car worth about N100million Naira! A lady who can do that should reserve the right to have as many children as she wants, even if all are out of wedlock. 

The warped and now archaic Nigerian idea that a woman must force herself to stay in a toxic relationship just so she can lay claims to being a married woman must stop. One would have thought that by now the country had gone well above this.

Unfortunately, the attacks on Linda Ikeji reveal that as a nation, we only pay lip service to being progressive and contemporary, while in actuality, we are still bogged down by the outdated thought processes of our great grand parents.