Are Lies Second Nature To The Buhari Administration?

By Ikenga Chronicles October 23, 2017

Are Lies Second Nature To The Buhari Administration?

Very early in the Presidency of President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, signs emerged that his administration will be built on lies. The most significant sign was the attempt by his government to take glory for the rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt refinery and the improvement in power supply in early June, 2015 when he was barely two week in office. When objective minds pointed out that the progress made so far in the rehabilitation of the refinery could not have been achieved within two weeks of the Buhari administration, his media gladiators went to war and said everything happened courtesy of Mr. President’s “body language”. That was the first sign.

Over the course of the little over two years of Buhari’s administration, lies have littered the landscape. That is why his administration retains a record as the government with the highest number of retracted statements. It also holds the record as the government whose statements were quoted out of “context” the most.

From claiming to have established the Federal University of Petroleum Resources,Effurun, to the establishment of the Treasury Single Account, and the initiation of the payment of ex-Biafran Policemen, lies have become the norm rather than the exception.

Nigerians of course have gotten used to the lies and no longer complain. If anything, they have set a determined gaze on 2019 when the hypocritical and lying government will be shown the way out.

However, eye brows have recently been raised on how Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, a Pastor, and a reverred Professor has now been drawn into partaking in the lies of Buhari’s government.

The “honourable” Vice President, during a campaign appearance for the governorship candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in Anambra State, had stated that the Federal Government had released $2billion from the Sovereign Wealth Fund, for the completion of the second Niger Bridge.

Now, Nigeria’s Sovereign Wealth Fund contains just about $2billion. Also, the total cost of the second Niger Bridge is not up to $2billion. But Professor Osinbajo had to be made to use a huge sum, in order to impress the people of Anambra.In defence of the Prof.,one can say the figure was given to him by Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour.

A few days later, the government began its usual “retraction”. This time though, they mistakenly decided to blame the media by saying “we do not know where you got the $2billion figure from, what was released was N2billion”. Alas, there was a video of the Vice President saying it, and tweets from key government officials restating what the Vice President said!Nigerians again took not of the deceit and lies.

For them however, the goal has been achieved: blow the minds of the masses of Anambra who would not know about the retraction!

As said earlier, Nigerians are now used to the many lies of Buhari’s government. In 2019,they will have to respond.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.