Let’s Go Naked For Feminism–Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles June 13, 2017

Let’s Go Naked For Feminism–Nnaemeka Oruh

If you have paid a little attention on Social Media, you will be aware of the running war of words between Amber Rose and British presenter Piers Morgan. Amber, in all her glory had posted a nude picture of hers (well, she at least covered her breast, but left us with some very nice curves, and a neat clutch of hair on her vagina) to promote her cause. Piers Morgan on his part would have none of it, as he complained that Ms Rose was promoting obscenity and not feminism.

The provocative picture by Amber Rose

This is one of the big problems with feminist agitations.It is so diverse and uncoordinated that it attracts so many efulefus! People wake up and an idea springs into their heads, and they think , “oh well, this is a way to show that as a woman, I have the right to do whatever I want”. And it is all good, as long as it falls within the bounds of what does not adversely affect others, and most importantly, if it actually does lend credence to women’s rights.

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Like Piers Morgan, I am hard pressed, trying to understand how posting her nude on Social Media helps Amber advance any struggle. She hadn’t undergone any body-deforming surgery,and felt the need to show off the “battle-marks” of a female survivor. On the contrary, Ms. Rose’s body is so well formed that the only thing she did for me was to become an image that helped me masturbate! As I stared at her picture over and over again, all I got was movement in the lumberyard, and nothing else. But she says that she put out the photo to draw attention to her “Slut Walk”, which is an event that seeks to draw attention to “shaming, oppression, assault, and violence [that] have disproportionately affected marginalized groups, including women of color, transgender people, and sex workers.”

Oh nice, but I could have missed that message if I hadn’t gone the extra mile of researching! But that is okay.

But hell, if that is the new form of promoting women’s rights, then we should by all means get on with it. There are quite a few more people that I would like to see circulate their nudes in defense of feminism. For instance, I wouldn’t mind Jennifer Lopez, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, and of course Rihanna, taking off their cloths and taking pictures they would post on Social Media in defense of Women’s rights!

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And then to complement them, people like I, Dum Syl Aminikpo and Henry Bassey, who believe we are gynandrists, will take off ours and put out our own nudes too. Come on, let’s do it for feminism! I mean, wouldn’t it be so good to wake up one morning and all we see on Social Media would be nude pictures everywhere, with the harshtag #NudesForFeminism! Pay no mind to the fact that children will see the pictures and then we would have committed child sexual abuse. I mean, working for “feminism” is a far greater cause, not so?

Now, I really have no issues with women protesting in the nude–it is a key aspect of Igbo culture, one which has far great implications and produces instant results. If women want to stage a protest in the nude, it is a valid means of agitation, that draws attention to the particular thing being protested against. So amber Rose’s “Slut Walk” should have just been done without her nude assaulting even children on Social Media.

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Now, let it be clarified that I have no issues with the “Slut Walk” (the causes it advances are for good). What I have issues with is one random efulefu waking up one day and sending out ‘porn’ on Social Media! Which is the real issue with feminism and women’s rights. Comprehension of what the Feminist ideology is about is so difficult that people randomly set up strategies on how to attain women’s rights. Sometimes, like the Amber Rose example, the strategies are so out of sync with the overall goal that they draw more enemies to feminism than friends. Which is why I keep harping on the need to re-evaluate the ideology and set out strategic steps towards the attainment of goals.

Until then however, can somebody please tell Amber to put out some more of her nudes? I may just reciprocate and send out one!


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