Let Your Wife Grow With You

By Ikenga Chronicles April 15, 2018

Let Your Wife Grow With You

–Sola Sorinolu,

My wife and I have always wondered how an entrepreneurial scientist could end up with an illiterate for a wife. This has always been the scene that plays out before us anytime we watch any episode of the award winning Nigerian sitcom The Johnsons.

I gathered that the husband met the wife when he was a school teacher. He is now a scientist, an intellectual, an entrepreneur with a thriving business. But the wife didn’t upgrade herself.

Well, if you ask me, I put that blame at the feet of the husband. He should have ensured that his wife was ‘growing’ with him. He saw himself bigger than how he started but didn’t sell the wife on that vision. Someone might argue that she was busy raising kids. Really? Do you want us to take a poll on LinkedIn of how many women there are on that platform who became professionals while also raising children?

As long as the desire to better oneself is alive, ways to do it will always open up. However, I am in no way saying every woman should get a college degree or professional certification. But if she wants to, why not?

My point is this: she should ensure that she is better today than she was yesterday. And her husband should give her every support to better herself in every way.


  • Sola Sorinolu is a Christian Educator who believes in the pragmmatic solution the Scripture proffers to family, life, business and career challenges. His overriding desire is the spread of Christ’s influence in hearts and on earth. He can be reached via sorinolusola@gmail.com.