Let Us Forget Our Differences and Build Nigeria– Deb

By Ikenga Chronicles February 14, 2016

Hello everyone.

We haven’t met; so it would do us well to introduce ourselves. Over the next couple of weeks, months or even years, we might get properly acquainted and I would get to know some of you. However, in the meantime, call me Debs and welcome to our online newspaper.

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I have had the daunting task of picking a topic to discuss or write on. This is because there is a lot going on in Nigeria and the World in generally. Terrorism, Politics, Religion/beliefs, Morals/ethics and the list goes on.  People are very opinionated as it’s expected, but they aren’t willing to hear the opinion of others. The growth of social media and their likes haven’t helped either. You have to be ‘politically correct’ in whatever you say or run the risk of trolls breathing down your neck literally.  The question however remains; does being “politically correct” help us as a nation? Do we always have to be diplomatic when saying how we free or giving our views about something? I am a fan of the “say it as it is” movement. In that case, I will be forgiven in advance for whatever appears on my column. If you however feel at any point that the topic on the column doesn’t sit very well with you or would like us to discuss further, please let me know.

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Be that as it may, Nigeria is already 55 years old. Hurray! That’s about it! Nothing to be happy about! Absolutely nothing! We haven’t grown an inch since the last independence celebration. If anything, we have slumped. But be that as it may, we have LIFE, and that my friends, is the most important thing.  The saying “once there is life, there is hope” overshadows everything. We will grow, our Country will grow.

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Let us see every day, as a day to push Nigeria forward, to have that one nice comment about our nation. We tend to always talk about the ills and wrongs, the negatives. We forget we are strong people, from a strong nation. We have been through quite a lot but we always rise above water.

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Let today us start today, forget ethnicity, tribes, tribunal, political party and their likes and just celebrate Nigeria. Have a drink or two on behalf of Nigeria, water and juice inclusive. While you are at it, think of a way to move our Nigeria forward. Our Leaders have failed, and for some reason, they are very good at it. Let us leave them out of this; it’s always a waste of time anyway to bring them into anything.  Let us learn to build ourselves and develop the environment around us. Raise children who can differentiate between right and wrong and know that doing the right thing will always take them a step further. Let us pray to God to redirect our path as a nation, so we don’t meet our doom before our children can take bride in their nation.

God bless Nigeria; and God bless us as we start on this journey!



 P:S Every week, we shall randomly examine some salient issues all over the world. Please feel free to drop your comments, and do suggest issues we can talk about. This column is for all of us! I love you– Debs

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