Kissing Kenechukwu (Episode 1)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 26, 2019

Kissing Kenechukwu  (Episode 1)

She nodded, willing to do anything to get away from Kenechukwu Uchendu.

“I have to go now sir, It’s getting late.” She said, scratching her head.

“You have to wait and listen to what I have to say, “ Kenechukwu said, his eyes still placed on the laptop.

Mmayen inhaled and gave an audible sigh of relief, she’d been sitting there for hours. The other staff had gone since 5p.m, and her boss Kenechukwu had asked to see her in his office three hours ago.

She’d been crushing on him since the first day she met him, and he was aware of her eyes on him. He liked her too. Several times, he’d stumbled on her on the office corridor, and the looks in his eyes showed he was so much interested in her. She was beautiful, his spec. It was the first time he’d fallen in love with a girl after five years of breaking up with Gina, his ex-girlfriend. He’d caught Gina making love with his cousin Fred in their sitting room.

Mmayen yawned, making a funny sound as she closed her mouth.

“We will have dinner together, just give me a few more minutes, I will be done soon,” Kenechukwu said.

“I won’t eat dinner with you sir,” Mmayen said childishly.

“I didn’t ask, it’s an order. We will eat dinner together,” he said boldly, his tone was soft, yet commanding.

She’d started sweating. Her pink jumpsuit looked wet, like she poured water on it. Her box braided hair fell loosely on her shoulders as she tried to pack them with a rubber band.

“If you’re feeling hot, you can switch on the AC. I am not feeling too well to be in a cold place,” Kenechukwu said. He lifted his eyes slowly and looked at her, her beauty captivated him again.

“Apart from working for me, what else do you do?” he asked.

“I make children’s clothes, mostly on Saturdays,” Mmayen said. The only trace of passion was the slight puffiness around her lips. Once again, she looked at the brown clock on the wall and said, “We have curfew in my house, it will be difficult to get in after 10p.m.”

“Then you can stay the night at my place,” Kenechukwu said.

“I can’t do that. I have my own house. I can’t sleep in a man’s house.” He laughed. A loud laugh. Something Mmayen least expected.

“I saw you at Quilox. It was a glimpse, but it looked like you,” Kenechukwu said boldly, his eyes were still on his laptop.

Mmayen shook her head with a light smile, “I don’t club. I have never been to Quilox, I only pass by,”  her remark seemed to amuse him.

“Okay!Done!”Kenechukwu exclaimed as he slammed the laptop and turned to her.

“Now to you…” he said and yawned, “I am famished, I can’t deal. Come with me let’s have dinner together.”

“I can’t sir. What will people say when they see us together?”

“Let people think whatever. You’re single, I am single. We can do whatever we like,” he said as he motioned toward her across the table. “Come here,” he said romantically. She stared at him mutely like she’d expected his words. She was tall and slender and had one hell of a fine skin. Her lips looked soft and glossy, like a ripened peach first thing in the morning.

“Talk to me,” he persuaded. His lengthy stare made Mmayen uncomfortable. She had stared down enough people in court, including the judge, but it was difficult maintaining eye contact with this man. He took his suit from the holder and stood to his feet, “I am not one of your clients, I want you to be my lover. It’s what I want. I wished for it the moment I interviewed you in this same office one month ago,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone and didn’t offer further explanation.

She felt her stomach jump, the thought of his hands on her body.

“I have to leave here, it’s getting late,” she said as she stood to her feet immediately.

He rushed to her. “Don’t leave now, I’m not done talking.”

“We can continue tomorrow,” she retorted.

“No, I am your boss, so it’s an order. You wait and listen.”

She laughed softly. “You’re not asking me to do any office duties for you, are you?” she asked. He shook his head. “Fine. You’re not applying to be my boss, you want me to be your lover, so, you can’t order me like that. I am a woman with all the rights in the world,” she said boldly.

“Now you’re beginning to sound like a Nigerian feminist.”

“I am not a feminist.”

She knew he was trying to intimidate her. But she was accustomed to such tactics.

“Whatever you are, I am ready to love you that way.”

She smiled serenely. “We can talk about this tomorrow,” she insisted.

“Great, which means you’re giving me a positive reply right?”

“What?” Bushy brows bunched together across her forehead. This was beginning to get interesting, she thought. “I don’t have any reply in my mind right now.”

Her pretense at indifference showed in the look she shot at him. It was obvious she liked him. He wasn’t bad looking. Just the kind of lawyer every female lawyer was dying to be with.

“Lady, you aren’t going anywhere,” Kenechukwu said as he held her hands firmly.

“To tell you the truth,” Mmayen dropped her gaze, “I have to leave for my boyfriend’s place, he will start calling soon.”

Kenechukwu laughed nervously. “Liar!” he exclaimed.

Mmayen gave him a gaze of disbelief. “You mean I am lying about my boyfriend huh?”

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