King of The Virus

By Ikenga Chronicles May 2, 2020

King of The Virus

— Iloh Friday Okechukwu

There’s a feature of ineptitude that stands out above others, and that is, no matter how much you wanna cover it, like smoke, it will sip out.

Since he ascended the throne of governance, as the governor of the ancient state of Kano of Nigeria, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has always been in the news for reasons other than the right reason. You recall the dollar bribery saga, in which it was alleged against Ganduje of being bribed in dollars. I think it was a court order that halted the state House of Assembly from investigating him or so. At any rate, Buhari knighted him by declaring that he is cleaner than cleanliness.

With the incursion of the rampaging insanity of the deadly coronavirus into Kano state, Ganduje seems to be the most popular Nigerian governor, again, like before, for the wrong reasons.

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Death has been killing the people of Kano in droves, in just two days about six hundred and forty people found themselves in the merciless jaw of death. Ganduje, in a feeble rebuttal, said that the death occurred in a week, and not two days, as if that makes a difference. He has not done anything tangible to tackle whatever monster is responsible for this harvest of death, save the fact that he vehemently denied that the dead passed on not as victims of covid-19.

Ineptitude is obviously smarter than Ganduje, or how does one rationalise the attitude of a state governor who cannot or refused to find out the cause of incessant death among the population? Funnily enough, without clinical test being carried out, curiously, he ‘found out’ that the cause of death was not covid-19. Interesting, I hear you say! Isn’t this cluelessness? Or is it mere mischief?

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Ganduje obviously is inordinately in love with money, especially large sums. Ever since the Federal Government of Nigeria obliged Lagos state with ten billion naira to combat the deadly pandemic, Ganduje has been restless. In response, even before the fangs of death plugged itself ‘mysteriously’ into the flesh of Kano people, the manner it did, he has been shouting to the Federal Government, that he should be given fifteen billion naira, to take on the virus.

He’s a negative paradox of a sort. On one hand, he doesn’t have the knack to discern the mire he is in, on the other, he shouts to the Federal Government, playing the victim, mischievously; and demanding money.