June 12 Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look In Semantics. (Part 2)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 11, 2018

June 12 Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look In Semantics. (Part 2)

— Gboyega Adejumo

I really wonder at something;

Why is it that we the Yoruba, are crafted this way of self-immolation? How many northerners have we seen abusing Abacha?

It is a profitless elite competition, which makes no synergistic contribution to our common goals or to our common good!

June 12: Buhari’s decision Has Shamed Obasanjo – Falana

I really wonder why we do that to ourselves.

Kindly mention any northerner that has ever abused Abacha. Not even Mr Anti-corruption, Mr Integrity, with all the atrocities Abacha committed, including state sponsored deaths of Abiola’s wife, Papa Rewane, Olu Onagoruwa’s son and others!

MKO Abiola Kola Abiola

He killed, he looted our treasury, he maimed our people, he hunted our journalists, he hounded our best out of town. And by “our”, I meant the good people of this country Nigeria and not just the Yoruba alone.

Abacha rendered our people useless.

June 12: The Move Of A Desperate President

Yet the Northerners do consider him a hero, despite all the evil Abacha stood for, to the extent that Mr Intergrity Buhari told Nigerians that Abacha was not a thief. Yet the same Buhari received the whopping sum of $367 Million repatriated from Switzerland as part of the larger Abacha loot, that Nuhu Ribadu has put at an estimated figure of close to $12 Billion!

At the 10th Abacha memorial, celebration in 2008, Buhari had this to say;

“All the allegations leveled against the personality of General Sani Abacha, will remain allegations.It is 10 years now, things should be over by now!”

 The Late Olubadan of Ibadan, Yesufu Oloyede Asanike, MKO Abiola and and his son Mr Kola Abiola

This statement, was in direct response to a fresh discovery of yet another large sums.

At that time in 2008, another of such common announcement of Abacha heist surfaced, a $1.2 billion that the Swiss authorities announced, but with a proviso of releasing the looted funds in tranches!

Buhari behooved it upon himself to trivialize and rubbish this discovery.

June 12: PDP Reacts To Buhari Honouring Abiola

The same Mr Integrity Buhari canonised Abacha with yet another insensitive defence of which, a say-whatever-you-wish posture, was yet again upholded, an insult to all Nigerians that no matter the opinion we may have about Abacha, his government gifted Nigeria with, “roads”, as if to do roads by a government is a special privilege of which the people should be grateful for, and enough to erase “whatever we may wish to say concerning all the evil Abacha had committed. All that happened barely three weeks ago!

Today, like the dog that Buhari believes we are, he throws us a bone of a June 12 Democracy Day, and we then start to involve President Obasanjo as the one to heap all the blames on, forgetting Abacha and his numerous atrocious deeds, all in one fell swoop. Sad!

June 12 In Series: Beyond An Award, A Critical Look At The Semantics

We will be degrading Obasanjo who has not done one tenth of what Abacha did!

Instead of us to use our “inner eyes”, “Oju Inu”, it is through “Ojududu” “blinded eyes”, of Ojudu, that we choose to see through— an opaque aperture at that— to arrive at how to treat our own. We the Yoruba, are the blind men in the context of the allegory of Plato’s cave!

Abiola: Rather ACEJD Than GCFR

Once any of us is accused of anything—and it doesn’t matter if it is even not remotely true—all that we need is just a fleeting reference to a juicy story, to pounce on one another and tear ourselves to the bone.

Were it to be a pastor, found on top of a married woman yesterday, and today is demanding a piece of land to do a miracle, we are also the first in this context to shout, “Touch Not My Anointed”, copiously preaching the gospel and quoting the scriptures and matching events that happened in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers 10 millennia ago with what just happened at rivers Oba and Osun, failing to heed the advice of, “E ma se gb’omo Oba f’Osun”

                                                               Otunba Subomi Balogun and Chief MKO Abiola

We are sophisticated alright, but seriously challenged in perceptive and cognitive matters.

Tinubu Reacts To June 12 Declaration

At the same 10th year remembrance of Abacha in which all northern leaders irrespective of political party affiliation attended in 2008, same Buhari went on to say and I quote, “rather than maligning Abacha, the late ruler deserved to be praised for initiating developmental ideas that moved the country forward”!”

In 2015, the Yoruba gave same Buhari, 51% of their votes—the same man who in his previous attempts, never got up to 24% of Yoruba votes, on account of his past utterances and deeds…

Lawmakers Gathering Signatures To Impeach Buhari

The Buhari, who wined and dined with Abacha while Abacha was busy slaughtering the Yoruba!

And now that political expediency has forced Buhari—who I must harp on this fact that he had not the original idea, but was only persuaded to recognize June 12, by some if his Yoruba supporters— has suddenly made the Yoruba to turn the heat on their own — President Obasanjo.

Late Chief MKO Abiola and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

In truth, I harbor a certain trepidation about my own people. We will sooner turn on ourselves, than face a common enemy! We will sooner allow ourselves to judge ourselves, turning both prosecutor and judge, all at the same time, than to recuse ourselves from self-spoliation of a good case!

Ekiti Guber: Fayose Suspends PDP Campaign

We are at our best, making unnecessary comments to support our oppressors.We are a case study for the phenomenon that has baffled humankind for ages called The Stockholm Syndrome!

An admixture of Aole’s curse with Stockholm Syndrome must mean the world’s most devastating affliction of Sophisticated Self-Impairment, Self-Scarification.

That Ogunde sang that song, a call to self-introspection, “Yoruba Ronu”, was out of a prognosis of a people bent on pressing the button of self-disfigurement!

Nelson Mandela and MKO Abiola

Awolowo was jailed for treasonable felony for doing nothing.Testified against by his own Yoruba, falsely jailed by a Judge, who was also a Yoruba, who confessed that it was not a judgment begotten fairly, “My hands were tied,’ he said.

Lagos Declares June 12 As Public Holiday

Buhari sent so many of our Governors to jail for nothing. While Ekwueme was sent to Kirikiri Shagari was in Dodan Barracks which they called House arrest!

But it is yet another time for the Yoruba to make a sport of their own, while conveniently making a fresh recourse to selective amnesia.