Jacob Zuma Refuses To Resign

By Ikenga Chronicles February 14, 2018

Jacob Zuma Refuses To Resign

Jacob Zuma has refused to heed calls to step down as South African president, denouncing moves by the ruling African Nation Congress (ANC) party to remove him following a string of damaging corruption scandals.

The ANC formally asked him to resign on Tuesday.

“I am being victimised here. I think there has been a misinterpretation,” Zuma said in an attempt to present his side of the story.

Zuma however, indicated he would accept the outcome of a parliamentary vote of no confidence against him, which has been scheduled for Thursday.

During more than a week of negotiations with the ANC’s key decision-making body, Zuma said that “nobody provided the reasons, nobody has been able to provide me with what I have done.”

Zuma denied any wrongdoing over the corruption allegations of recent years. “There is no problem. There has never been a problem,” he said in the televised remarks.

The ANC “will regret the crisis they have caused,” he said, adding he was planning to make a formal statement on the calls for his resignation later on Wednesday.

During the negotiations with the ANC leadership, Zuma said he had in principle agreed to step down but presented “a package” of demands that included him staying in power for several more months.

The ANC didn’t accept those conditions, said Zuma.

“I am open to further discussion, but they are rushing [into a vote of no confidence],” he said, adding that he was unjustly “portrayed as this person who is defying the leadership.”

If Zuma loses the vote, parliament may elect a successor the same day, according to ANC treasurer general Paul Mashatile.