It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

By Ikenga Chronicles February 7, 2021

It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

— Vitus Ozoke

Many of my students have asked me which team I would be rooting for in tomorrow’s Super Bowl LV, Kansas Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Well, it’s not an easy choice for me anymore. Until last year when Tom Brady left New England Patriots for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, choosing between Brady and any other Quarter Back was easy. It was not because I liked Brady more than other QBs. No, it was deeper than that, and I’ll share it with you in a moment.

Between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, it would have been a choice between legacy and raw youthful ambition, a choice between a 43-year old greatest of all times and a 25-year old talent in pursuit of a place at the table of respect. America loves the underdog, but who is the underdog between a Tom Brady who has won 6 championships, and going for 7, and a Patrick Mahomes who has won 1 championship but who is also the defending champion going for a back-to-back win? I’m not sure I know who the underdog is here.

So, when I’m faced with such a difficult choice, I go for politics. I use politics to resolve a lot of difficult choices. What is the politics of the teams? What state hosts the teams? Is the state red or blue? Who is their governor? Between Kansas and Florida, there’s no choice to be made.

They are both red Republican states, Kansas more so than Florida.

As much as I would have loved to see Brady cement his legacy with a 7th Super Bowl win, I don’t want to see Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis celebrate anything. DeSantis is one of the most useless governors in the Union. I can’t stand the sight of him in my TV. But Kansas State is no better. The state has given its 6 electoral college votes to Republican presidential candidates over the decades.

So, there’s no choice to be made here. I take that back. There’s a big choice that I need to make. Should I grab a six-pack of Corona Extra or a six-pack of Heineken? You don’t know how difficult a choice that is shaping up to be. About Tom Brady when he played for New England Patriots, it wasn’t an affection for Brady any more than it was an obligation to the great blue city of Boston in the Democratic State of Massachusetts. Now you know. But it’s not something I tell my students. As much as possible, I shield them away from my politics. I don’t want the Republicans among them to feel disadvantaged. So, may the better side win!

Happy Super Bowl weekend, everybody!

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