Italy Markets Her Homosexuals; Nigeria Murders Hers!: A Lesson In Contrasts

By Ikenga Chronicles December 9, 2018

Italy Markets Her Homosexuals; Nigeria Murders Hers!: A Lesson In Contrasts

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh 

This is a copy of Alitalia In-flight magazine.

On the cover are two of Italy’s greatest cultural exports. Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, of the Dolce&Gabbana fame. They are the two symbols of Italian fashion.

These two guys, are homosexuals. They are Italians. They are from one of the most catholic countries in the world. In fact their country, is the cradle of catholicism, and greatest historical bastion of Christianity.

By slotting these guys on the cover of the In-flight magazine, made to advertise Italy to the whole world, Alitalia; Italy’s national carrier, was not just making a statement, but are so much aware of the banality of evil called discrimination, if I am to borrow that phrase from Hannah Arendt; and deployed these guys in the cover to showcase the best of Italy; namely enterprising creativity, tolerance and openness.

Here, Italy is marketing her homosexuals, and showing them to the world as her cultural icons.
What is Nigeria doing to her sons and daughters, who are homosexual in their sexual orientations?

Nigeria is murdering them; forcing them into the closet with worst sociopathological ostracisms native to homophobia. All in the name of being religious.

How many Nigerian versions of Dolce&Gabbana, has the weaponized homophobia and its cocktail of toxicities, pervading the Nigerian society today, smothered their creativity, and even their lives?

The irony is not lost on Nigerian homophobes. The most catholic country in Europe; the country that houses the Holy See, and the bones of St. Paul, one of the greatest homophobes and misogynists of world literature, turned around to recognize that our differences does not negate our humanity; that rather, these differences enrich our humanity. Yet they are still clinging to those unexamined neurosis in the name of “It is our Kulshur”, and religion.

Nigerians are still clutching to their murderous atavisms masquerading as religion and culture, while other nations, have emptied those superstitions of their significance rooted in ignorance, and are gloriously weaponizing theirs for their edification and advancement.

And many in Nigeria would put one leg on top of another to go and buy Dolce&Gabbana designer bags and clothes, while still hating homosexuals.

Nigerian education needs a radical overhaul. Critical thinking, philosophy, the history of ideas, and history must be the cornerstone of our curriculum, to be taught from the kindergarten to the university level, throughout the country. Otherwise our education would continue to amount to nothing, save a festival of dysfunctional programming, goalless in aim, and useless to the society and humanity in general.

Gwazia ndi yard unu