Is Buhari Still A Converted Democrat?

By Ikenga Chronicles December 11, 2019

Is Buhari Still A Converted Democrat?

— Odumodu Gbulagu

One of the greatest problems Young Nigerians and indeed Africans have is that they do not read, yet they claim to know everything, when in reality they know nothing. Europeans were actually right when they opined that anything you want to hide from a black man must made to be in the pages of paper.

I saw many young Nigerians market Buhari who was a known dictator as a CONVERTED DEMOCRAT. Is there anything like a converted democrat?
They don’t know the history of their country, and can even market Devil for handouts.
If Hitler was a Nigerian, they would gladly market him as the greatest democrat ever.
Is what’s happening now under the democratic Buhari different from what happened when he was a military dictator?

Before one is tagged a dictator, he would have trampled on human rights, and must have abused rule of law and had no recourse to the constitution.
He must have killed people extrajudicially.
He must have been very oppressive.
It’s not just the masses of a country that tags one a dictator, but international communities, international organizations and others.

Has there ever been a case of a dictator becoming a democrat anywhere in the world?
It can only happen in Nigeria where the impoverished masses are brainwashed into believing that people can give what they do not have.

Has one ever seen a leopard change its spots before?
What were people expecting from Buhari before?
Were they thinking he was going to change overnight?
A man who brought back Umaru Dikko in a crate?
A man who laid siege to the house of Judges in the middle of the night.
A man who has pocketed the security forces and made them his personal attack dogs.
A man who has pocketed the judiciary and legislature.
Buhari has broken all the records Abacha held before now.

After watching the video where DSS was trying to rearrest Sowore in Court, I smiled at the brazenness of the dictator in power, but mused that this is exactly what Nigeria wanted.
We deserve what we got!
My happiness is that the hailers are now crying more than the wailers.