Iran Once More Proves Her Erratic Vulnerability!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2020

Iran Once More Proves Her Erratic Vulnerability!

–By Tai Emeka Obasi

Just hours after the Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737-800 ‘crashed’ few moments after take off from the Iranian capital, Tehran, the United States emphasised that the passenger flight was shot down by an Iranian missile.

But Iran jumped out, calling the United States a big liar. The Iranians claimed the flight developed technical faults.

Two days later on Friday, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization chief, Ali Abedzadeh, said that nothing could be determined until the data from the black boxes was analyzed. He added that statements made by other nations, especially the US, were politically motivated. He was emphatic that the plane had not been hit by a missile but was likely on fire before it crashed.

“We cannot just give speculation,” Mr. Abedzadeh said. “So far what I can tell you is that the plane has not been hit by a missile, and we have to look for the cause of the fire.”

But something fishy about the Iranian claims was their holding tightly to the black box, the usual source of information for express evaluation of possible primary causes of the air mishaps, this time the ‘crash’ of a harmless flight carrying 176 people.

And evidently, Iran tried to clean the crash site of possible evidence to their crime but America has sophisticated satellite stationed in space that identified two surface-to-air missiles were fired of which one hit target at time and location of the Ukrainian flight when it reportedly crashed.

Iran was forced to allow expert investigators from Canada, Ukrain, UK and France to be involved.

On Saturday their president, Hassan Rouhani, with his long tails tucked between his revenge-seeking legs, admitted to the waiting world the real cause of the mayhem!

Iran, just a couple of hours before the Ukrainian flight took off to its destruction, fired missiles at the American bases in Iraq. They were about two dozen surface-to-surface missiles. How come they fired two surface-to-air missiles and targeting a commercial flight carrying 82 of their own citizens?

The harmless plane was just few minutes after take off and at an altitude of 8000 feet. It was still climbing. What manner of radar could have detected it as an enemy fighter plane?

The questions the world should ask Iran and pointedly too include…

1. Since you claim your air defense systems were at maximum alert, and possibly jittery, for possible American retaliation, why didn’t you close your airports for at least 24 hours?

2. Was it truly an accident or was somebody being smart? In anticipation of America’s retaliation, was Iran plotting to add the Ukrainian flight to America’s kills but it backfired when America didn’t fire a single shot in retaliation? Isn’t it so convenient to blame American fire since the flight shot down had no American citizen on board?

3. Were the missiles fired and guided by human beings or by robots not to determine that a flight at that altitude and direction was only flying out of Tehran and not to it?

4. Would America have retaliated with just one aircraft?

Overwhelming technical evidences forced Iran to admit their crime but will the world ever know the real reason why 176 harmless people were murdered?

Terrorism is a very grave indulgence. Any sane person should kick against every act leading to it.