Inferiority, Superiority And Igbos Admiration Of Donald Trump

By Ikenga Chronicles February 20, 2020

Inferiority, Superiority And Igbos Admiration Of Donald Trump

— Dr. Ozodi Osuji

Igbos present themselves as smart people.  But they do some of the most unsmart things human beings do. Consider their admiration of the racist American president, Donald Trump. Of all Africans Igbos like him most. One asks: If they are really intelligent would they admire and support a man who does not like them?

Trump and his family belonged to American Nazis, KKK, and other racist organizations. They did not rent their apartments to black folks until they were sued and grudgingly, they were forced to rent to some black folks.

Trump came to power riding on the white backlash, the white resentment that a black man, Barack Obama was elected the president of the USA. White folks formed the famous tea party demonstrating to take their country back from the Nigger in the white house.

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They began questioning Obamas birth in America. They demanded to see his birth certificate. The State of Hawaii released it but that was not enough for the racists. They demanded the hospital where he was born to show them the evidence that he was born in the hospital.

 They went on and on demanding proof that Obama was born in the USA. Of course, they knew that he was born in the USA. The goal was to delegitimize him by saying that since the constitution required birth in the USA this nigger was not born in the USA hence not a legitimate US president.

Simply put, one must be a fool not to know that Trump is a racist. How many black folks are in his cabinet? The one and only Uncle Tom, Ben Carson. 

Given these facts most black and Latino Americans see Trump as a racist and stay away from him. Over 90% of these folks voted for Trump’s rival. 

In the USA, to the best of my knowledge, the last name a black man wants to hear is Trump. Talk of him and you are told to get out of here. How can you talk about a racist?

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 But that notwithstanding Igbos in the jungles of Nigeria know better than 45 million African Americans and 52 million Latino Americans. They know that Trump is not racist and he is their man, as they say, He is your man, really? Why?

He is a Christian…when was the last time he went to church, a man who had married many wives, had affairs with prostitutes and ponsters even while married to his Slovenian trophy wife.

Igbos do not admire Trump for good reasons but because of their neurosis.

Alfred Adler* defined neurosis as feeling inferior and compensating with desire for false superiority. The neurotic feels like the way he is, he is nothing worthwhile. He desires imaginary sense of superiority because he thinks that if he becomes superior that he would become worthwhile. The neurotic’s whole life is motivated by inferiority and compensatory superiority. He acts as if he is superior when he is an inferior feeling clown. No human being is superior to other human beings.

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The neurotic admires those that to him seem superior people. Igbos admire white folks for to them those seem important persons. They particularly admire rich whites for to them those are really powerful persons. Trump is a phony billionaire hence to Igbos a very successful person so they admire him.

They do not bother to ask how he made his money. Why should they? In Nigeria Igbos do not bother with how one makes one’s money. Go steal money and they make you their chief.

Many Igbos are amoral, lacking in conscience and principle. They admire and do whatever would give them wealth. Because they are amoral and do whatever gives them money, they do not mind stealing. They dominate Nigeria’s 419 scamming business, selling drugs and kidnapping and generally doing criminal things to make a living.

A healthy person admires folks because of what they stand for in life. If a politician stands for healthy goals healthy folks admire and support them. But neurotic Igbos would support corrupt Igbo and Nigerian politicians. Let the Politician seem powerful and give them some money and they support him. They are non-ideological and vote for the thief who gives them money.

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Some Igbos hated Barack Obama, the first black president of the USA because they hate their black selves and admire white selves. They project their self-hatred to hatred of Obama.

The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, in line with Igbo admiration of rich crooks, these days show photoshopped pictures of him with   racists. Here, the man feels inferior and feels that been seen with supposed powerful whites, albeit racist ones, makes him powerful. Of course, he is not powerful; indeed, he is a rat for if he knows what power is, he would be seen with positive black fighters, such as Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Huey Newton, Stockley Carmichael, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko. The man is an opportunist clown of the first order.

Many Igbos understanding of politics is at the infantile level. Given their political naivety a handful of Fulani’s rules them and all they do is talk and curse folks out as if that changes anything on the ground.

Some Igbos say that Obama helped elect Buhari the president of Nigeria hence they hate him. Obama did not help elect Buhari. Igbos are cowards who want foreigners to come fight their wars for them. They must develop spine, pick up arms and fight the Fulani ruling them and quit blaming Obama for not handing them independence on a platter of gold. No one can fight your war for you but you. Now go do it and stop blaming Obama.

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I could make this article long but I will resist doing so. Let me therefore reiterate my points:  Igbos support Donald Trump, a racist criminal because to them he seems a superior, powerful person and since Igbos want to seem superior and powerful, they support him.

Igbos support of Trump is based on their well-known mental disorder, their neurosis and group delusion disorder (as a group they want to seem superior, grandiose hence deluded).

If we can heal Igbos of their neurosis, their delusion then we can get them to stop supporting the criminal racist in the American presidency. But that is tall order.

Psychology is a secular science. It is based on the scientific method. It observes phenomena and describes it. It has no power to change things. Moreover, only the individual can struggle to change his self. Other people cannot change him. If you want to change struggle to do so and see if it is possible. It is not for me to change Igbos and I cannot do so.

The only thing that we can do is try to understand Igbos and their madness and how that madness disposes them to admire a racist who hates black folks, who just signed an executive order banning Igbos from coming to the USA as immigrants…he will soon prevent them from even visiting the USA for he knows that many of them are 419 scammers  stealing money from Americans.


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