In The Case Of Oluomachi Opara, Hope Uzodimma, You’re Not The Father!

By Dr. Vitus Ozoke July 7, 2020

In The Case Of Oluomachi Opara, Hope Uzodimma, You’re Not The Father!

I have said it before and I will say it again, because I still find this wrong and inappropriate. When Gov. Hope Uzodimma of Imo State said he was adopting the talented kid with a sonorous voice, I condemned his characterization of his planned relationship with the kid as one of adoption. Many people disagreed with me then. Their explanation, on behalf of the governor, was that the governor used the word adoption loosely. That he meant benefactor.

Here we are today and the governor has continued with his adoption, not just (mis)characterizing his relationship with the lad as one of adoption, but now calling him his son and referring to himself as the boy’s father. They are now father and son. That is wrong!

This kid has parents. He has a father and a mother. They are both alive. They both love their son. They may be poor, but the boy’s parents they still are. The governor can help the poor boy as a benefactor without disrespecting his parents and divesting them of their parental rights. You cannot shame his poor parents by inserting yourself in their child’s life as his father.

What is it that Hope Uzodimma can do for the boy that his parents cannot do for him? A lot obviously. He can buy him fancy clothes; pay school fees from now through university; give him a great life. Things his poor parents cannot afford. And no loving parents will deny their child of such wonderful life-changing opportunities. So, if the parents are not protesting this strange father-son relationship between the governor and their son, it is not because they love it, it is because they cannot be seen to not love it.

Oluomachi Opara is the son of Maazi Opara and his wife, their poverty nonetheless. Gov. Hope Uzodimma should cease and desist from shaming these parents and usurping their parental rights and pride in their son’s talent. They must be allowed to share in the glory of their son’s talent and recognition. Gov. Hope Uzodimma deserves the gratitude of the boy’s parents, and indeed the world, for his generosity. But he must let the boy’s father be his father. So, in the suspenseful language of Maury Povich, in the case of Oluomachi Opara, Hope Uzodimma, you are not the father!