2019 Igbo Presidency: Ludicrous

By Ikenga Chronicles October 23, 2018

–Philip Odoemena,

According to Chief Chekwas Okorie in a publication filed in March 2017 by The Sun Newspaper and Legit,  in the 2019 elections, “Igbo Presidency is non-negotiable”.

This notion is indeed laughable to say the least. The national Chairman of the United Progressives Party (UPP) and other prominent Igbo individuals have been talking about Igbo Presidency since the creation of Adam and Eve with nothing to show for its realization.

As recent as August 29, 2018, Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) stressed that 2023 Igbo Presidency is not negotiable. I believe in 2027, another group or another political party will insist on the same notion again. By now, Chairman Okorie, Ohanaeze Youth Council, and others should have recognized that talking about Igbo Presidency over and over, for many years is meaningless,  and therefore does not reverberate suitably in the ears anymore.

When the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) was formed in 2003, the party and its Chairman then, Chief  Chekwas Okorie promised Ndigbo Igbo Presidency. The party then fielded its candidate, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu at the presidential elections where he won only 3.3% of the vote–not enough to scratch the surface or affect the political calculations of 2003 and beyond.

The question has always been, why clamor for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction when you know full well that any candidate fielded is already “dead” prior to arrival? Is the objective merely to field a candidate just to show up or to answer a roll call?

The irony of the Igbo presidency mantra is that it gets interesting or arises mainly during the electoral season. When the election is over with no positive results to show for it, whatever that is left after the clamor melts away or is packed in the back burner until another four years.

How can a group or political party actualize a Nigerian President of an ethnic extraction without adequately preparing for it instead of relying on a free and effortless hand over? How could any person in the South East dream that in 2019 or 2023, the current administration will call on Ndigbo in February 2019 and hand over the presidency to them when the current administration has a very loyal Vice President waiting?

Assuming that Atiku Abubakar wins the 2019 election, does OYC truly believe that Atiku will step down after four years and hand over the Presidency to Peter Obi? Someone may say that Atiku has promised to rule for one term, well, the current President promised the same thing four years ago.

When Chief Chekwas Okorie and the OYC clamor for Igbo Presidency or make a pronouncement that Igbo Presidency is non-negotiable in 2019 or 2023 respectively, one begins to wonder where the candidate is coming from.

The party (UPP) that Chief Okorie is the Chairman of, does not have a candidate for the presidential election in 2019. In the absence of fielding its own presidential candidate in 2019, United Progressives Party is considering to adopt President Buhari as its presidential candidate in 2019.

APGA that was and is still being considered as a regional or Igbo party in some quarters has decided (after debating whether or not to adopt President Buhari for the 2019 presidential election) that it would field a presidential candidate with a ticket zoned to the North.

The fact that APGA has zoned the 2019 presidential candidate to the North indicates that APGA is no longer a regional or sectional party with Igbo agenda.

Let me finally ask, from all parameters of consideration, what exactly does OYC and UPP mean when they proclaimed that “Igbo Presidency is non-negotiable” in 2019 and 2023?


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