Igbo Ezes Are Killing Our Tradition!–Iroegbu Emenike

By Ikenga Chronicles March 25, 2017

Igbo Ezes Are Killing Our Tradition!–Iroegbu Emenike

I remember last time former President Olusegun Obasanjo visited Abia State, one Eze from Ohafia if I am not mistaken conferred a title on Obasanjo. The funny thing about it was that Obasanjo was sitting while the Eze was standing decorating him. Chineke .

Today, VP Osinbajo was also conferred a traditional title and the pictures say it all. He was sitting and this prominent Eze was just handing over the title.So terrible and laughable.

I don’t have any issue with Obasanjo and Osinbajo, but I have a serious issue with the custodians of our tradition. Have our Eze’s lost all form of dignity or are they too hungry that they can just do anything for money that will enter their pockets. This is so terrible.

Are the Eze’s forcing the titles on this personalities or are these personalities dictating how they want to receive these titles?

The last time Obasanjo visited the Oni of Ife, he prostrated, the last time Tinubu visited the Oni of Ife, he prostrated.
The last time Osinbajo visited the Oba of Lagos he prostrated.

The last time Obasanjo received a title up north, he sat on floor while the kingmakers decorated him and many others.

Why are our Eze’s killing our tradition? Why are they disgracing us? Why are they making Igbos look worthless? I cry in my heart.

Can Osinbajo receive a title from any Yoruba Oba and be sitting down? The answer is No.

This is a shame to ndi Abia and Ndi Igbo.

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