If You Live In Nigeria, Death Is Coming For You Fast

By Ikenga Chronicles March 19, 2018

If You Live In Nigeria, Death Is Coming For You Fast

One fact about Nigeria over the past few years is the constancy that death is always lurking. This death is not the natural one that comes through illness, but a violent one that comes armed with machetes and AK 47 guns. What is incredible about it all is that there is no war in Nigeria, at least, not officially.

Yet unofficially, it does appear that a group of persons had declared war on Nigerians and have been successfully waging this war, with little or no efforts by the “Nigerian Government” headed by President Muhammadu Buhari to stop them.

For about two years now, Fulani herdsmen, operating with an audacity that makes all tremble have been moving from one state to another, slaughtering Nigerians freely. The latest in their reign of blood, is the bloody massacre of people from Kogi state, and Edo state.

Now many, some even from the government have said that the reason for the “clashes”(they are mostly not clashes since they are often one-sided)is because Cattle colonies were not provided for the herdsmen, or that their “traditional breeding routes” have been blocked. Yet the evidence from Kogi State, where the state governor–the President’s beloved son– had provided them with hectares of land, begs to differ. If anything, Kogi state is ample proof that the motives behind the killings by the herdsmen is not the absence of grazing areas, otherwise, there would not have been any killings in Kogi state.

If Kogi offers evidence that lack of grazing areas is not the motivation for the killings, Edo state showed that no state in Nigeria is safe from the marauding Fulani herdsmen. Thus while many sit in Rivers and Lagos states, and believe that they are far away from the menace of the killer herdsmen, they should be alert to the fact that no one is safe, until the government accepts that the herdsmen are a menace and finally decides to take decisive action against them. There is as yet nothing stopping them from attacking communities in Lagos or Rivers states, and leaving uncaught.

This is because, it seems that the Buhari administration is in bed with these herdsmen. How a bloodthirsty group that goes around slaughtering more Nigerians than Boko Haram, would be treated as “our fellow Nigerians whom we must accommodate” by the Buhari government baffles even the most disinterested onlooker. In fact, after the killing in Plateau state last week, an identity card misplaced by an alleged member of the killers was circulated on Social Media, bearing the name and photograph of a member of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association. This tallies with the earlier evidence of threats by members of the same group in Benue, before the gruesome murder of about 73 Benue indigenes in January! Yet, the government pretends not to have seen that!

If there was any indication that to the Buhari administration, nothing will be done to the Fulani killers, it came when the President openly confessed to not knowing that the Inspector General of Police, whom he ordered to relocate to Benue did not obey his order! If curbing the situation in Benue was top of the President’s priority, would he not know that his Chief of Police was not there? It clearly did not matter to him.

It is difficult to know how best one can get the government to act on this issue. Civil Society groups, the media, private individuals, state governments, etc have wailed and complained bitterly about this situation, to no avail. At the most, when the din gets too loud, Mr. President will send his media persons to inform the public that they are “working on it”. This has become the trademark of the Buhari administration, while more and more Nigerians die daily. It does not matter how long or how loud citizens wail about their pains, in the end, Buhari will only do that which pleases him and his “people”.

That is why Nigerians must now brace fully for more killings, and be prepared to be victims themselves. As long as Buhari remains the President of Nigeria, death will remain the next-door-neighbour of all Nigerians. If e pain you too much, Canada beckons!