If Blood Is The Price For Buhari’s Ambition, So Be It

By Ikenga Chronicles July 16, 2018

If Blood Is The Price For Buhari’s Ambition, So Be It

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), at the just concluded Ekiti governorship election, Kayode Fayemi, has been declared the governor-elect of Ekiti State, by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Congratulations are in order for Fayemi, APC, and most importantly, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Fayemi’s victory has been greeted with ecstasy by members of his party, especially President Muhammadu Buhari and his allies. While for Buhari, it was a “victory for democracy”(elections are always free and fair when him or his candidates win), his ally Nasir El-Rufai saw it as a victory over “insanity”! So almost all of Buhari’s statements throughout Sunday were focused on celebrating this “victory for democracy”. One would not be wrong, if one somehow takes Fayemi’s victory as a key achievement of the Buhari administration, for make no mistakes about it, that is exactly how Buhari and his allies rate what happened in Ekiti over the weekend.

The Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria

So for all of Buhari’s allies, the Ekiti victory provides them with enough ammunition to taunt and provoke opponents to no end.

The question is, at what cost did this victory come?

Obama Returns To Africa

Reports say that over 30,000 policemen were deployed to Ekiti State for the election. That is in addition to several other thousands of security agents sent there for that one election, in a state that is not a volatile part of the country.

For a country that is facing serious security issues, converging such a huge amount of security agents in one state of course led to several other states being vulnerable. And true to type, the marauders struck and tens of Nigerians who were left unprotected so that Buhari’s party can win Ekiti State, perished. Their death, to the Federal Government was nothing new–they are just part of thousands of “insignificant Nigerians” who daily lose their lives, under Buhari’s Nigeria.

That was not all. Just about the same period, it was reported that the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists had ambushed Nigerian soldiers, killed several of them, seized thirteen vehicles, with many other soldiers missing. This report filtered in as the result of the Ekiti election was being announced. One would have expected that Mr. President will immediately swing to action, or at least talk about it. But no,not a single word from President Buhari; no decisive action taken to address the situation. The President was busy basking in the joy of his party taking over Ekiti State, and thus ensuring that the entire South West is now controlled by his party—a control that he believes will guarantee him South West votes in 2019.

Desperate Politicians, Not Herdsmen, Are Behind Killings–Buhari

It seems for President Buhari, the only thing that matters now is his 2019 ambition. So everything must be done to ensure that it is attained; even if it means stripping millions of Nigerians of protection so that his party can secure the South West for him. Even if it means retaining Security Chiefs who are so incompetent that Nigeria is soaked in blood. After all, those Security Chiefs would reciprocate by ensuring that everything is done to repay him with a 2019 electoral victory–and if Ekiti is anything to go by, security men can now guarantee the protection of vote buyers, and the safety of funds brought in for the same purpose.

Revised People To Watch

How else can one explain away,a Commander-in-Chief, whose Inspector General of Police disobeyed his orders, yet, the said Police Chief is still in charge, strutting around, like he owns Nigeria? How else can one explain the fact that even though the security situation in the country has overwhelmed our security apparatus, the President, who swore to protect Nigerians, and lead from the front, is still cuddling with security chiefs?

Atiku Endorses National Assembly’s Decision On Creation Of State Police

It seems that this loyalty to the security chiefs is a payment for a job they will have to do for Mr. President in the nearest future. So for now, whether their incompetence leads to the death of millions of Nigeria is inconsequential to the President. All that matters is that they hold up their end of the bargain, and guarantee him that his ambition will be attained. Nigeria for all he cares, can be soaked in the blood of the innocent!


Image credit: Mike Asukwo