IBIYEOMIE: When A Man Of God Dumps Pastoring For Posturing

By Wordshot Amaechi May 22, 2020

IBIYEOMIE: When A Man Of God Dumps Pastoring For Posturing

Seeing Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the General Overseer of The Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, in a video mocking government officials and others working hard to safely guide us through the pandemic with his claims that all their hoopla about Covid-19 was just aimed at embezzling money as it did not exist, reminded me of the day long time ago my Literature teacher in secondary school, Mr. Charles Okwor, had taught us about Dramatic Irony.

That day, I was found holding Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Weep Not Child which we were not due to read for another two years instead of Chinua Achebe’s No Longer at Ease we were currently reading. He demanded to know why I had it. Trembling, I told him I was reading it, although I was about to bring out the other before he came in. The class burst into a derisive laughter. When he asked if I had been reading No Longer at Ease, they laughed the more even before I could utter a word in response. At last, I told him I had long finished it, as I always read ahead of the class.

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He then asked me to narrate the story. I did. He asked if anyone else had finished it. None. After a long pause, he asked us if we knew what ‘dramatic irony’ was. Nobody spoke. He then said a perfect example of it just played out. All the while they thought they were laughing at me, they were actually making a jest of themselves!

Sorry I took this long to recall this tale. It had then had a very profound effect upon my young mind, just as Pastor Ibiyeomie’s posturings on Covid-19 is now having on my adult faculties, in a different way though. But, as Pastor Ibiyeomie derisively laughed, was he actually laughing at himself or those he accused of treating malaria and stealing money in the name of Covid-19?

Road To Recovery And The Politics Of Covid-19

Well, it is no secret this pandemic had caught many across the world unawares. But those it had immediately laid bare after stripping them of all their worth in integrity and material earnings, were the pastors and their confederates in the duplicitous religious establishment that has taken over Nigeria. Until now, we saw them on TV effortlessly performing miracles. They banished all sorts of evil spirits, cast and bound all shades of demons, healed people of many strange infirmities, including that woman with the antenna hand, just as they prophesied all sorts of futures, from the most prosperous they sell to those they had rendered irredeemably hopeless, to the most frighteningly dark they charged fortunes to make light for the frightened would be victims.

They also made people pay all sorts of monies, obligated under carefully structured guises like seeds, tithes, first fruits, offerings and buying of items most popular of which were anointing oil, holy water, holy powder, holy hanky, etc. One I attended his service in Oyigbo area of Port Harcourt had called the hanky he had been using to clean his face ‘Holy Mantle’. Throughout the service, he promoted more its efficacy and impending sale than Jesus such that people eventually struggled to outbid themselves in what he had called ‘Holy Ghost Auctioning’, where they bid and dropped the amount before bidding again).

King of The Virus

So, when Covid-19 suddenly emerged with none of them having had any inkling such a disaster of global magnitude was imminent, not to talk of prophesying same, people wondered what had happened to these their divine third eyes they used to see everything. Then followed the challenge of cure. Neither Ibiyeomie nor any of his friends, with many having Healing Schools where they had perfected the art, or should I say acts of healing, they now taught others with money, had a dot of an idea of what to do.

And when in the growing confusion we were told to wash and sanitize our hands and wear face masks to stay alive and safe, rather than use their anointing oil and holy water they had touted their divine efficacy to deal with the virus, we saw them scrambling with us to buy sanitizers and face masks of which many had went on to buy designer labels, to show us levels. Honestly, the shame of it all left them to catch me on their behalf.

Holy Ghost Fire To Burn Akpabio

Now, Pastor Ibiyeomie who has been collecting money through offerings, tithes, etc from people who assumed he had the powers to guide and protect them with his prayers, blessings and anointing, after failing woefully to heal or protect them of Covid-19, had the temerity to laugh at and mock those working hard to keep us all safe. He topped it with allegations of theft and deception against them. Well, as I leave you to judge for yourself, those who are close to him should please advise him to shut up for now.

When our government officials, the healthcare providers, the scientists and all those working relentlessly to save the world from the pandemic eventually succeed in finding a solution, he can again come out to praise and give God all the glory and organize a thanksgiving for that. Of course who else but men of God are most appropriate to lead the celebrations? But until then, he should please just focus on his pastoring, with strict adherence to all required safety protocols by the NCDC he was disparaging, and stop posturing in a matter beyond him in order not to further mislead the gullible that follow him and his likes to endanger their lives.

Dear Igbo Girls

Meanwhile, no amount of deliberate diversionary antics by Ibiyeomie and co would obliterate the truth Nigerians have now come to terms with as to whether these churches are solution providers or indeed part of their many social and economic problems.