I Will Turn Abia To Dubai: Alex Otti’s Roadmap To Nowhere

By Ikenga Chronicles December 5, 2018

I Will Turn Abia To Dubai: Alex Otti’s Roadmap To Nowhere

–Onyebuchi Ememanka,

Have you seen or read Alex Otti’s Manifesto where he spelt out what he calls his plans for Abia State? Please do and I am sure you will be as disappointed as I am, if not more.

I have personally waited for Otti to tell us how he intends to govern Abia State should he be elected. As a former Bank Chief, I looked forward to a document containing pure and reliable economic data. I had looked forward to a document outlining what is on ground now and how he plans to build on that. I expected to read what Otti will do differently.

But alas, what I saw was a bundle of hogwash containing the usual things that politicians say during elections. But Otti’s version is even below the standard of the average Nigerian politician.


Yes, that’s what he said. But he didn’t tell us how he plans to do that. What are the economic indices that support such childish and outlandish posturing? How does Otti intend to create an equilibrium between available resources and his wild plans?Someone should remind Otti that he is not running for a Students’ Union election.


How will he do that? He didn’t say.

First, the establishment of Export Free Zones is a prerogative of the Federal Government through the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA). No State Government has the powers to create Export Free Zones. What are his plans to collaborate with the Federal Government to achieve this? How does he plan to put in place infrastructure across the state which will support the Free Trade Zones? Where exactly does he plan to create them? It’s not enough to say ACROSS THE STATE.

Is Otti even aware that the Abia State Government in collaboration with the private sector has secured the approval of the Federal Government for the establishment of the first ever Free Trade Zone in Abia State known as the Enyimba Economic City? I don’t think he knows.

Otti also claimed that Abia has the highest level of unemployment amongst educated people in Nigeria. He neither told us the source of his information nor how he intends to tackle the challenge. As an economist, one expected Otti to provide proofs of his claims especially on economic matters. But he didn’t.

In the final analysis, Otti is just about a lot of noise and nothing more. His plans are nothing but wild assertions which are lacking in specifics.

He said he will promote sports but didn’t provide any details of how he plans to do that. What are your plans for expanding infrastructure? Nothing!

Even the salary issue. He only said he will make it a first item on the budget. He didn’t say how he intends to get funds to tackle other things. Does he even know how much is the wage bill of the state? Is that how to prepare an economic blueprint?

Talk is cheap.