I Got Myself A Man (Episode 26)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 20, 2018

I heard mama’s scream; It sounded thunderous. I felt tears pricking my eyes as I took a long breath and tried to make my voice calm.

“Bakare, wake up and look at my face!” There was a slight tremor in my voice. My heart was full of pains. I wept and fell on Bakare’s body, weeping helplessly. Oluwaseun sobbed softly. He and mama were trying to raise me from the floor. But my hands were tightly wrapped around Bakare’s hands. The doctors ran helter-skelter toward us. One of them dragged me off Bakare and placed a stethoscope on his chest.

“Get me a spoon!” One of the doctors scream.

“I think we should squeeze onions water into his nostrils.” mama said.

“Let’s try to revive him please doctors!” I cried out aloud.

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The doctors held Bakare on the stretcher firmly and rushed him to the ambulance. While Oluwaseun, mama and I entered a small car and followed them behind.

“When I was called and told that you had an accident I was afraid. I had to come with the water I got from church last week. It’s holy water.” Mama said calmly.

“What will it do?” I asked weakly.

“It can bring your friend back to life again.

A lot of people have testified about this water.” Mama said, she carefully looked through her handbag and brought out a small bottle of water. “Pastor Mfon said it is called miracle water.” She waited for a nod before continuing.

I voiced my worry, “Mama if God can bring Bakare back to life, I will give my entire life to him.”

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“All these water and olive oil beliefs are scams. Pastors only use it to extort money from their members.” Oluwaseun said.

Mama was mute. She only shook and head and shrugged her shoulders. “Unbelievers!” She muttered.

We got to the hospital after an hour of being on the road.

I rushed out of the car to get to Bakare, mama held my arms firmly. “be careful, don’t forget you’re carrying a baby now.” I nodded calmly and walked as fast as possible toward the ambulance.

“Is he breathing now?” I asked, breathing heavily.

“Calm down ma, his heartbeat is ongoing. The doctors will see what they can do. We will try our best. Doctor Bakare is too important to us.” One of the doctors said confidently.

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Oluwaseun held my hands tight and muttered “calm down Inameti, he will be just fine.

And not long, nurses rushed out of the hospital and carried Bakare on the stretcher to a private ward. Only Oluwaseun was allowed to be in the ward with him. The wild look came back into my eyes when the doctors slammed the door against mama and me.

I sobbed softly when I saw that Oluwaseun had been in there for hours. Nurses and doctors were seen running in and out of the ward. My grip remained firm.

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“Hello Ma’am?” A male doctor called me calmly. “Your friend will be fine, we’re trying to revive him,” he explained calmly.

“Is he breathing?” Mama asked he nodded calmly.

“Can I see him?” I asked softly.

“That won’t be necessary ma.”

“Why?” I asked sternly.

“Because you can’t…”

“Is he dead? Is Bakare dead and Y’all are hiding it from me?” I asked, still sobbing. “If he is dead tell me. I will take it, I will bear it. I will be comforted as far as I have his child in me.” I said sobbingly. Mama turned and looked at me strangely.

“Let her see him!” Oluwaseun said aloud easily; He was standing in front of the ward, coats of sweats filled his entire body. His eyes were red and teary.

I pushed the doctor away and walked in hastily into the ward; mama followed me. My heart skipped when I saw the sight of Bakare. His eyes were still closed, and an oxygen tube was connected to his nose.

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I held his hands and wept softly.

Mama rushed her hands into her handbag and brought out the bottle of water. A black waterproof was attached to the cover of the water in a bottle.

“Apply this on his head. I have seen this water bring back people from worst situations and even death.” She said, forcefully opening the water and handing to me. “The man of God said this is the blood of Jesus, it works wonders Adiaha.”

I collected it and perceived it.

“It’s the blood of Jesus. You might see it as water.” She said thoughtfully, with certainty and assurance.

I poured the water in my hands and rubbed it on Bakare’s forehead. “Jesus heal him, heal him and I will forever worship you father lord.”

I waited a bit, my mind conjuring a dozen different scenarios, and rapped again.

” Mama, how long will it take for your miracle water to work?” I asked.

“Give God a minute to revive him,” She said calmly.

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I put a shaking hand on my stomach. “This water is just an ordinary water. It’s not working.” I said bitterly. “He should be up by now.” I muttered.

While mama and I kept debating, Bakare coughed. He tried to twist his body. My whole body regained power as I yelled “Doctor! Doctor!”

“It is Jesus who did it Adiaha.” Mama said boldly with a deep smile on her face. “He never disappoints. I told you.”

My smile went from joyous to a laugh. I couldn’t help but hug mama so tight to myself.

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