I Got Myself A Man (Episode 25)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 13, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 25)

My shoulders were slumping when the ambulance arrived. I turned my tears washed eyes to the person who pulled me out of the car. The cab driver had turned cold and stiff, long before the ambulance arrived. His eyes were wide open, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

I saw when Bakare was taken out before I fainted.

I woke up on the hospital bed; at first, I was wondering where I was until I noticed that a sag of drip was connected to my veins. I wept bitterly when I remembered that we were involved in an accident.

I Got Myself A Man  (Episode 24)

Moments later, I heard mama’s voice. The nurse led her to my ward, and when she saw me, she fell to the floor and wept bitterly.

“Adiaha, how did it happen? Where is your husband?” She asked wearily.

Sighing, I took my eyes to the wall, and the picture that appeared in my thoughts was that of Bakare. The thoughts of the blood oozing out of his nose stroke me, I began to weep softly.

“Ma, please, she needs to rest. She can’t answer that now.” The nurse said softly to mama.

“Nurse, how is my friend? The one that was taken in with me from the car? The doctor? He is chubby, wears glasses…”

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“We are trying to revive him, ma’am.” She said quietly.

“Which friend of yours?” mama asked.

My eyes were red and swollen. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I swallowed and tried to answer, but managed a small sob.

Mama crouched beside me. “Where is your husband? Was he in the car too?”

“We divorced. It was someone else.” My voice was thick with tears.

Mama was shocked and mute at the same time. The doctor walked In with a nurse who was carrying a nylon bag. She placed the stethoscope on my chest.

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“You’re fine madam. I’m glad you didn’t die out of shock as the driver.” She said.

“What about my friend?” I asked weakly.

“He will be transferred back to your state. We can’t help right now. And we can’t tell his present condition. These are his property.” The doctor got the nylon bag from the nurse and handed to me. “You will be discharged soon, don’t worry about the bill, your friend’s brother is here. He will be taking care of everything. His name is Oluwaseun.” She said and then added, “We just confirmed that you’re pregnant ma. Congratulations. The nurses will take care of you.”

My heart skipped. I was mute for a while. I saw the Joy on mama’s face, she tightened her hands in mine soothingly as the doctor and the nurses walked out.

They didn’t tell me that Bakare was dead, so, I was alright. I didn’t panic anymore, I suddenly became strong.

“This is good news Adiaha,” Mama said joyfully. “I would have asked what happened to you and Nathan, but not now. I don’t want to spoil your mood.”

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I inhaled a deep breath when I saw Oluwaseun walk in. His eyes were sad, but his appearance still looked like a rich man who was not bothered by anything.

“Hello…” I said, trying to sit up.

“Don’t please…” He rushed at me and held me to lie down still.

“Is Bakare okay?” I asked wearily.

“He will be fine. We are moving him as soon as possible to Basa.” He said. I exhaled and got lost in thoughts.

“Doctor said that she is pregnant,” Mama said excitedly. Oluwaseun was bewildered. “Oh okay, great.” He sounded ordinary like the news didn’t impress him.

After a few hours, my drip had emptied from the sag. The nurses checked my temperature and gave me a few pain relief injections before I was allowed to leave.

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Oluwaseun, Mama, Bakare and I arrived airport right on time.

Bakare was wrapped in a white sheet, only his face showed. He was carried on a stretcher and led into the airplane. I sat beside him and stared at his face, wishing he was having an ordinary sleep. There was a sag drip connected to his own veins.

I opened the nylon bag the nurses had given me, and tears rolled down my eyes when I saw an engagement ring in a box, his wrist watches, his shoes, and his singlet in it. And then I saw the surprise he’d wanted to give me; It was the papers to the restaurant. He bought it in my name, and I’d wondered if it was just his profession as a medical doctor that gave him all that money.

A blast of cold cut through me. When mama saw that I was shivering, she’d rushed at me; hugging me to herself, she whispered, “don’t panic adiaha, all will be well.”

Her words reminded me of the dream I had the previous night. I sobbed in her arms.

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Moments later, we landed Basa. There were medical practitioners and ambulances already waiting to carry Bakare to the hospital. Oluwaseun and mama held my hands, while the security men held Bakare’s stretcher.

“Oga, e be like this man no dey breath o.” One of the security men said to Oluwaseun as he held the stretcher.

I exploded in a furious burst of energy. I was swept off in a vortex of rage and pain and unbearable heartache. The words of the security man repeated itself like a recording in my head. Horrified, I’d tried to control my emotions. But the hurt boiling inside of me was too great, the fury too fierce. I wailed like a lion and fell to the floor like a child.

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