I Got Myself A Man  (Episode 24)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 6, 2018

I Got Myself A Man  (Episode 24)

It was weird, this urge that makes you want to stay one place and eat as much food as you want to. It was almost as weird as the tune that kept drifting through my head. I had first heard the slow, plaintive melody during the live band show at the bar of the hotel in Basa, where Bakare and I went for a short vacation. So sad, it had seemed to echo my personal misery, the one I had left behind in the past.

It was just one and a half month since Nathan was thrown out of my house. He was forced to write an undertaking which stated that he would never have anything to do with me anymore. He’d threatened to sue me, but he didn’t have a dime of his own to do that.

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The music at the bar went on. I’d thought at first the music was just for me. It was almost like the kind of songs Enya would own.

The odd thing was that no one else seemed to have the same feelings toward the music as I did.

Bakare held my hands and squeezed it.

“Are you okay baby?” He asked. I nodded calmly. He’d noticed I wasn’t feeling too happy, unlike the last two days we’d spent at the hotel.

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“We should leave here tomorrow,” I said weakly.

“Why?” he asked surprisingly. “I thought you said you wanted to spend five days here. We’ve just spent three days.”

“I have to get back to the office,” I said, looking at his face searchingly.

“It’s okay if that’s what you want. We will leave tomorrow. But you will have to stay at my place for a while to get yourself back.” He said soothingly. I nodded calmly.

Only this time, snatches of lyrics came with the moment I was about to kiss Bakare. There was something about the lyrics; something about starting over, about gathering dreams, about walking alone until you could find that one special person who would make you feel loved.

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Haunted by the tune, I kept sipping my red wine and holding Bakare’s hands. He smiled at me widely when he saw a girl walk in almost half naked. His smile invited a reply. But the music had drowned me.

“That girl looks like a piece of rag.” He said and giggled, sipping his wine. I watched him and then turned my head absently.

In few hours, we were in our suite, pulling out our clothes and lying naked on the bed.

“You are dull today, tell me what’s bothering you,” Bakare asked. He was holding my hand to his chest, while I laid facing the ceiling.

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“I am not just happy, I don’t know why. I just have a bad feeling today dear.” I said softly.

“I understand my baby. Sometimes, it’s like that. Mood swings huh?” He asked I nodded.

We slept off in each other’s arms after watching a boring movie on the television.

I had a bad dream that night. In the dream, I saw myself holding a white rose bouquet that had splashes of blood stains on it. I stared at it and wept bitterly. My heart pounded as I kept staring at it and sobbing softly, then Mama came at me. She held me and covered me with a wrapper. “All will be well,” she said. I kept hearing ‘all will be well’ until I woke. Mama’s voice still echoed as if she was in the room with Bakare and me.

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I could still hear the loud music from the bar. The music swelled to an angry crescendo, making me block my ears with my two hands.

Eyes wild, heart hammering, I leaned over the bed. Panic turned to terror as an unseen force thumped me hard in my chest. I slept off again and woke up at about 5:40 A.M, I watched Bakare sleep like a child, so calm, quiet and gentle.


We’d started pulling our boxes down the staircase when the manager called us a cab driver.

I felt dizzy when I got into the cab.

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“I really don’t feel like leaving here,” Bakare said. “I wanted us to spend a lot of time together.”

“It’s fine. We have more days together.” I whispered.

“We have forever. As soon as we arrive Isabay, I will surprise you.” He giggled, staring romantically into my eyes. I smiled a forceful smile. A loud rumble from the vicinity of my stomach interrupted and drew an embarrassed laugh from me.

“I’m hungry,” I said.

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“When we get to the airport, we will have breakfast before we board.” A fierce satisfaction hummed through me when I gazed at him. Our grip remained firm as the cab driver tried to dodge a coaster bus, he’d almost hit the bus when the car tumbled into the bush. I could hear a loud scream from people, I kept holding Bakare’s hands until the car stopped. My eyes were closed. I reluctantly opened my eyes, and my heart trembled at the bloody, broken screen of the car. I glanced slowly at Bakare’s face. There were blood stains on his nostrils. His eyes were wide open, it didn’t blink. His beautiful golden skin was torn and bloody. Blood kept oozing out of his nose.

“Bakare?” I shook him. But he didn’t say a word. He was lifeless, just as lifeless. I heard voices around the car, people were murmuring words and screaming at the same time.

I wanted to remain there until Bakare would wake up. I kept calling his name until I felt like my world had crumbled again.

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