I Got Myself A Man (Episode 20)

By Ikenga Chronicles May 12, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 20)

Meeting with Oluwaseun, Bakare’s elder brother was brief. We were all seated on his expensive American soft sofa when he strode in from upstairs to meet us.

“You’re beautiful.” he said to me politely.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“So your last price for the restaurant is eighty million?” I nodded calmly. He was quiet for a while, then he turned to Bakare.

“How you see am bro?”

“To me, it’s worth it.” Bakare replied.

“Let’s get our lawyers ready. And the papers too.” Oluwaseun said yawning as he stood to leave.

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He looked rich. And just like Bakare, he looked like one of those men who were rich kids. I didn’t bother to ask what he was doing for a living anymore, after I saw pictures of aircrafts and Oluwaseun dressed in a pilot uniformed, I was now informed of what he was doing to get all that money.

The scent of his expensive perfume still cling around the sitting room after he left. I was still In deep admiration for the large sitting room which expensive decor got me dump founded.

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“I am going to buy a house like this in Ikoyi someday.” I muttered.

“We…not you alone. It’s you and I now. If there is anything you want, tell me of it.” Bakare said sensually. I smiled and nodded briefly as he cradled the back of my head in his broad palm. He’d brought his lip close to mine then I took my face off. “We are in your brother’s house.” I whispered.

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But he tried forcing the intimacy. It should have been awkward if I didn’t like him. But there was something naturally endearing about being with Bakare, feeling the powerful throb of his heart got me overwhelmed.

“I should call my lawyer now.” I said, searching hurriedly for my phone in between the partitions of my bag.

“Oh yeah. We need to get this ready as soon as possible.” Bakare said.

I dialled my lawyer’s number and as soon as she picked, I asked her to arrive Oluwaseun’s house as soon as possible.

I’d told her of my plans, so she came rightly with the papers.

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Barrister Iniobong arrived Oluwaseun’s house in few hours after I called her, and within another hour, we’d sold the restaurant and signed off every paper that needed to be signed.

I got the credit alert from Oluwaseun within another hour. It was as if everything was planned, it happened so fast.

“Thank you Bakare.” I said, looking at him face to face. He nodded with a light smile. “I had to convince my brother to do this for you, you’re a good woman Inameti, you don’t deserve that young man in your life.” He said, holding my hands firmly.

“I love you.”

“Me too.” I replied softly.

He chuckled, the throaty rumble reflecting more despair than amusement. “why ‘me too’? you should say you love me.’

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“Okay. I love you Bakare.” I said smiling sheepishly. He drove me to his house for the first time. It was just as beautiful as his brother’s house. It was dawn on me that very moment, that Bakare was indeed rich. It was not the normal edifice I usually see, it was unique and classy. He had one of the finest houses in the estate which he lived.

“Welcome to our home.” He said, walking hastily to his wine bar. He returned back to the sitting room with a bottle of moet and two tumblers. He’d poured the moet in the tumblers while I fell on the sofa and watched. He handed to me with delight, and I gulped down immediately, forgetting to hit the glass for a toast.

I suddenly became tipsy and horny and at the same time I felt like falling into his arms and sleeping there for a while.

I had thought he would make love to me again, but he didn’t. He watched me sleep and then covered me up with a duvet.

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“I have to go now.” I said weakly when I woke to realize i’d been asleep for almost an hour. My hands flew to my flushed cheeks, I jerked them away and stood to leave.

“Hold on, let me drop you off.”

“No. Don’t worry, I will drive. I am fine.” I said tiredly. He held my hands and walked me down to the car, pecking my forehead.

“Be safe. Call me when you get home.” He said calmly.

I drove home that evening feeling fulfilled. The best part of my agenda was a done deal and nothing else would give me joy as the day I would tell Nathan of all his secrets.

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As I alighted from the car, I could hear a loud cry from the house. It was Inemesit’s voice. I rushed in to see for myself, what was going on. Nathan had beaten her into broken pieces. They didn’t notice when I walked in.

“You sold my restaurant you witch! Restaurant business that I used in paying my children’s school fees. Restaurant business that I used in buying you a car last month.” He kicked her hard on the legs. “Go and bring my car from the village witch!”

“Seriously?” I suddenly asked, My eyes were as large as teacups. They both of them turned and looked at amazingly.

They stared at me with their mouths wide open. I carefully laid my bag on the sofa and stared at their shocking expression faces.

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My face was almost comical, with mixed consternation, perplexity and disbelief.

“Inemesit, you sold the restaurant?” I asked, almost sounding like a fool to myself.

Almost in unison, they both turned to stare at each other.

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