I Got Myself A Man (Episode 17)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 17, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 17)

An irritating scratching against her forehead persisted until she opened her eyes.

“Coffee?” She said, and sat up. Blinking away her desire to go back to sleep.

It was a quarter pass eight in the morning, and I hadn’t slept well the previous night. The things I saw in Inemesit’s phone kept me awake.

I had seen the conversations she had with her husband, my husband, our husband Nathan. The plan was to run away with my company, claim it and drug me.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 16)

The plan was to destroy my life and take over all that I have worked hard for.

The previous day was their wedding anniversary. They’d planned to drug me again, so they could have sex under my nose and watch me sleep like a piece of furniture. I’d seen all of these in her phone. The anniversary messages he’d sent to her. And the ones she’d responded.

He’d told her how much he loved her. And how he couldn’t wait to get rid of me, so that he could make love to her on the comfort of my bed like he used to.

She’d warned him against laughing too much with me and the restaurant accountant. She wasn’t aware of his affairs with the accountant too. I read the messages in Inemesit’s phone and saw myself shaking like a cold bunny.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 14)

“Aunty Good morning.” She greeted me confusingly. Leaping from the floor. “I am…am sorry I passed the night here.” She stammered.

“It’s okay Inem. I am not bothered. You can go to your room now.” I said seriously.

She looked around for moments. “What about brother? He didn’t sleep here?” She asked and blinked calmly.

“Well, obviously he didn’t sleep here.” I said.

She clicked the room door open and walked away.

I let my eyes close, hoping my heart would soon cease its snare drum, then opened them to stare at the door. Nathan walked in, his face was dry and tensed.

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“What is wrong with you? You locked me outside there…”

“Nathan…” I called out his name meanly. I wanted to tell him that he was locked outside my bedroom, not his. I wanted to yell at him and call him abusive names for asking me such silly questions. But I held my breathe. He would have suspected that I might have found out something I wasn’t supposed to know. I turned slowly and made an effort to bring my nerves back into a reasonable state. Calm might be nice, I mused.

I started the morning all over again;

“Good morning.” I said.

“You locked me out, what is good about this morning?”

Surprised, I turned to look at him . “Nathan, Good morning.” I greeted him again and walked away into the bathroom.

Dear Unnamed Person Telling Me To Shut Up– Chimamanda Adichie

After I had my bath, and dressed up. I searched carefully for the documents of the restaurant. I couldn’t find it. I was already sweaty and stressed when I thought It might be with Inemesit.

I waited patiently for them to leave for the restaurant. Then I searched through her bags. My heart skipped a bit when I saw the papers folded in a large brown envelope. I rushed to a photo studio and printed out his picture from my cell phone. I drove to Doctor Bakare’s office immediately, and when I found him on seat, I inhaled a deep breath.

“You came back so fast.” Bakare said.

“Yes, I want this to be done once and for all.” I said breathing heavily. “These are the papers. His picture is in there.” I said. He collected it and glanced through it immediately.

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“okay good. This will be ready in few hours. I have to do it myself, to avoid problems.” He said, opening his laptop and booting it.

If exhaustion hadn’t overwhelmed me, I would have gone behind him and read all what was on the screen. But the process was quite hectic, and no amount of determination could keep my tired mind focus after an hour.

Doctor Bakare walked around the office when he was tired, water in hand, staring at the laptop screen. The clock on the wall read one thirty five. And I was already tired of waiting.

“I am done.” He said sharply. I exhaled.

“Thank God.” I said quietly.

And I Cried! ( Part 1)

“Inameti, we have to he discreet about this.” He said calmly as he printed the death certificate” I heard the sound of the printing machine when it shifted the paper out. I collected it immediately and stared at it immediately. I smiled softly.

‘Late Mr Nathaniel…’ was written boldly in a black ink. As I read through the lines of the forged death certificate, it seemed to me that he was really death. And I accepted the fact that he was indeed not existing anymore from that moment.

“Can I give you a buyer for the restaurant?” Doctor Bakare asked. I stared at him for moments before I could mutter a word.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 9)

“Who?” I asked, almost in soft whispers.

“My brother Oluwaseun.” he said.

I reread the words on the certificate all over again. My mind spun back to what Bakare had just said.

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