I Got Myself A Man (Episode 16)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 10, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 16)

He closed the gap of the mere inches between us, placing his mouth on mine with a mere swift firmness. I knew immediately that this was not going to end in just a case, Bakare was ready to do more.

His lips communicated all the lively interest a woman could hope for from a brand new man. I sighed, feeling my body respond, and let all of my love flow into the kiss.

“I have always loved you Inameti. I don’t know why you had to settle with a drama boy.” He mumbled as he left my lips.

I giggled. “He is a man.” I said.

“He is a boy. Only boys marry women for their wealth.” He retorted boldly.

I quickly carried my handbag and hung it on my shoulder. “See you tomorrow Doctor Bakare.”

He remained silent.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 14)

“I was supposed to be at the office earlier on. But, coming here came through my mind.”

“Your mind was right Inameti. You’ve made my evening a sweet one.” he said, voice strained.

He grabbed me with his soft hands and hugged me tight to himself. “I have to go…” I said, letting him off my arms.

There was a soft knock on his door, just as I was about to leave.

“Doctor, a patient is here to see you.” A female voice said.

“Okay, I will be free in a moment.” Bakare replied huskily.

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It was as if everyone knew what was happening in his office, so, they had to wait for him to finish with me first.

I walked out of the office, and as I climbed down the twisting staircase alone, the thoughts of going back home to lie side by side with Nathan hurt me. I wanted to stay more at Bakare’s office and talk more about how to eliminate Nathan and make him pay for all the bad things he’d done to me.

The scary part of staying married to Nathan for another six months was that, I didn’t know what his next game plan was. I had to work out on how to get him off the line immediately before he and his wife overthrows me.

I got back home late as usual, and before I could even bend to pull out my shoes, Nathan was standing right in front of me.

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“I called the office, your receptionist said you weren’t there. I called back five minutes ago, and she said you weren’t still there.” He said oddly.

“Why did you have to call the office and not me?” I asked surprisingly.

“Because I wanted to be sure…”

“Sure of what Nathan? Listen, if you think you can spy on me around and control my movements, I will advice you stop it right now.” I said and walked out on him. He didn’t mutter a word. He just watched me and then sighed deeply.

“Aunty, do you want anything?” Inemesit’s voice came in from the door.

“Coffee.” I said sharply.

Within minutes, she was back to my room with a hot cup of coffee.

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“What coffee is that?” I asked, running my eyes through my laptop screen.

“Black.” She replied scarily.

“Make me a coffee with cream.” I said with my eyes still placed on the laptop. I could tell she’d wished to pour the hot coffee on my body, with that kind of stare.

Within minutes, she was back again. “You’ve added cream?” I asked. She nodded. “Yes aunty.”

“Did you add sugar?”

“You didn’t tell me to add sugar.” She replied with an almost angry tone.

“Go and add a teaspoon full of brown sugar and stir for seconds before you bring it back here.” I said meanly, my eyes still placed on my laptop.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 10)

She’d stayed a bit longer than before. She appeared in my room the third time, standing attentively as if she knew I was going to make another demand. I stared at the cup of coffee, and there was no more smoke running out of it in slow motion.

“It seem cold, taste it.” I said. She suddenly panicked when I asked to taste it.

“Aunty you say?” She asked.

“Taste it.”

“I… I tasted it before now, it’s not all that cold. it’s still drinkable.” She faltered.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 6)

“If it’s drinkable, taste it now.” I insisted. Putting the laptop off and staring at her phone by the coffee saucer. “Why would you place your phone by the coffee saucer? I am not drinking the coffee again. Drink it.” I said meanly.

I saw her hands tremble when she held the coffee cup. “I don’t drink coffee, it gives me stretch marks ma.” She said.

I suddenly fell into a loud laugh.

“Oh my God inemesit. Coffee?” I asked, still laughing.

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“Yes ma. Let me make you a hotter one.” She said, about to leave.

“No. Don’t waste this one. Drink it. Since you’ve added cream and sugar to it, it won’t do anything to your skin.” I said thoughtfully.

“Jesus…” She murmured low. I saw the shock on her face. I saw her eyes, it said so many things I didn’t understand. Her hands trembled when she gulped down the coffee down her throat without remorse.

“Are you done?” I asked, and she nodded. She suddenly leaned back against the door frame and began to whisper songs I didn’t understand.

Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

Nathan knocked several times before Midnight, he didn’t know what was happening, he just felt I wanted his cousin to stay with me.

The nightlight plugged into the wall near her feet, shed little illumination on her face, and then her phone. I picked her phone slowly when I saw that she was deeply gone.

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