I Got Myself A Man (Episode 12)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 14, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 12)

8:12 am. And I was rushing down the hallway to my office. Shame wouldn’t let me stand out for so long.

Plopping down in the empty seat, I couldn’t concentrate anymore.

“madam, should we start the interview?” My Secretary asked.

“Conduct the interview, I need a young, agile man for the job.” I replied softly.

“but ma, you like conducting interviews by yourself.”

I paused for a bit, then said, “Do what you’re ordered to do. Conduct the interview. Leave my office.”

“Okay ma.” She said and slammed the office door.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 7)

I collapsed into the black leather desk chair, swiveling from side to side. I could only think of all the things I’d heard and gone through within a year of being married to Nathan.

I didn’t doubt Doctor Judith’s words anymore; she was right; Nathan was a scam, his marriage to me was just based on something I couldn’t really understand.

My phone rang, and when I saw who was calling, my heart trembled. I rolled my eyes, then relaxed until my phone stopped ringing. Then it rang again, she was still the one; my mother. I picked this time.

“Ma…” I said calmly.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 9)

“You know, since you married this young man, you haven’t been calling to check on me, you haven’t been attending our family reunion on Sundays anymore. I am worried about you.”

“Why should you be worried mama? I have been really busy these days. The job takes me away from home these days.”

“You shouldn’t say that. Family first before anything else Inameti. I have been expecting you to call and tell me that my grandchild is on the way. Are you and Nathan not planning to have a baby?”

I scoffed. “Mama, we aren’t in a rush to have baby yet. And besides, we hardly have time for each other. You know he opened a restaurant in town, and I am always here at my office. We usually get home tired and stressed out.”

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“Sometimes, I have a bad feeling about this your husband Nathan, it seems the both of you are a mismatched. Like fast food and fancy silverware. Or spray cheese and sprouted bread.” Mama said with bitterness in her tone. I rolled my eyes. I knew she was right, her instincts were right, her feelings about Nathan was right.

“Mama, we are fine. You’ve never liked Nath. You only let me marry him because you thought I was getting old. Don’t panic, we’re fine.” I folded a stick of cinnamon gum into my mouth. “I need to get back to work as soon as possible. So much to do on my desk mama, I have to go.” I said shrilly.

“Take care of yourself Adiaha mma.” mama said.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 5)

After I hung the call, my mind went back to the old man whom Nathan claimed was his father. I couldn’t do a single duty at work all through that day. My heart always shot up to my throat whenever I attempted getting the files and the thoughts of Nathan ran in between.

On my way back home from work, I got stuck in the traffic for hours; before I got home, I was already tired and so hungry.

I had started perceiving the aroma of fried chicken from the gate. Nathan was home, I wasn’t sure whom he was with, but i’d heard them conversing, I heard my name.

“This your fake wife doesn’t cook for you, she doesn’t do anything. Lazy bitch.” The female voice said.

“That is why she is a fake wife, and you’re my real wife.” Nathan said huskily.

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I wasn’t shocked to hear that I was his fake wife, my heart only trembled when I realized right there, that the woman who was conversing with him was really his wife. They didn’t hear me drive into the compound, the loud sound from the generator wouldn’t let them.

I removed my heel shoes and clicked the door open; they heard the sound, they knew i was home, so they pretended as if they were talking about the restaurant.

Nathan rushed out of the kitchen with hot bowl of fried rice, he was looking excited.

“Welcome home my heartbeat.” He said overwhelmingly.

“Good evening.” I said quietly; as I looked at him blankly. “What are we celebrating, and who is in the kitchen with you?” I asked.

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“Are you kidding? Who else will be in the kitchen with me? Inemesit my cousin.” He said boldly as he placed the bowl on the food mat.

I grabbed a stool, dropped my bag on the floor as my leg shook.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

“I am fine, I’m just tired. I ask again, what are we celebrating?”

“Nothing baby. Have you forgotten that I’m a cook? Your husband is a cook, I had to make something palatable for my wife.” He said and cocked his head sideways, scanning my face for signs of humor.

Inemesit came out with a bowl of vegetable salad. “Aunty welcome o.” She greeted me with so much loudness in her tone. I flinched. I wasn’t alright with all the drama that happened before my very eyes.

“Are you alright baby?” Nathan asked, walking toward were I sat.

“I am tired. I need to sleep.”

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“You have to eat first aunty.” Inemesit retorted calmly.

I stared at her and looked back at Nathan, and I wondered why they cared so much.