I Got Myself A Man (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 7, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 11)

Morning came with the memory of everything that happened the previous day. I gazed at my reflection in the glass on my office table and saw all clearly the ravages of a sleepless night. Faint purple shadows lingered in the hollows beneath my eyes and there was a noticeable pallor in my complexion.

I had taken a cab back to the bar that same night I’d seen my husband and his accountant. I had few more shots of tequila before I took my car and drove back to my office. I called my clients and canceled the meeting. My secretary Lola was amazed.

“Madam, the clients are already set.”

“I am not in the mood for any meeting.” I said tipsily.

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Then she walked out on me, while I bent on my office table to think of what had happened; from when I met Doctor Judith, to when I saw Nathan and his accountant. He was banging her like his life depended on it, while I watched like it didn’t matter.

My phone rang that morning, and when I picked to see who it was, I giggled when I saw that it was Nathan.

“Hello my love?” He said over the phone.

“Yes, Good morning baby.” I said, almost in soft whispers.

“I made breakfast for you baby. You should come home. I am worried.”

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The call was over in few seconds; as I promised him to be home soon. I pretended as if nothing happened, but my heart was heavy, my eyes were clouded with tears that I controlled. There was something that held my anger, the act of exploding the rage of bitterness wasn’t seen. I didn’t know what it was, but maybe it was because I’d seen it all.
I had seen different types of horrible men all my life. What hurt me most is that I still ended up with one.

I comported myself and drove back home that morning. I was smelling of menses, and I didn’t like it at all.

Nathan welcomed me with a warm hug, while I rushed to have a shower in the bedroom, he went to set the table for breakfast. Before I got into the bathroom, I noticed he’d changed the sheets.

“You changed the sheets?” I asked, yelling out my voice.

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“Yes baby!” he replied from the kitchen. I asked as if I didn’t see that he actually changed the bedsheets because he banged his accountant on it.

“Where is your cousin?” I asked again.

“She didn’t come back from work yesterday. I asked her to stay and take notes of stocks.

I didn’t want him to suspect why all the questions were coming, so I had my shower and joined him in the dinning table.

I stared at the croissants and flames running out of the chocolate tea for minutes. I was afraid to eat it or drain down the tea down my throat, I was afraid and thought that there was poison In there.

“Baby, eat before the food gets cold.”

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“I don’t like croissants.” A strained silence followed my words. He looked at me strangely.

“But it used to be your favorite? I added lots of milk to it, just the way you love it.”

“You should have made baguettes or even sef, egg roll.” I said, wiping my hands on my dress and standing to leave.

“So where are you going to?” He asked, and simply pivoted, pinning me with a furious gaze.

“Office, today we are employing a new security guard. The papa that used to be there isn’t feeling fine. So, we have to put someone in his place while we take care of him medically.”

He nodded calmly.

Those words just flew into my mouth, I had just remembered at that moment that I had series of interviews to conduct at the office.

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“I thought you were going to be with me for a little while.” He said.

“Well,” I shrugged helplessly and let a slow grin spread. “Not now Nath.” I said and pecked him on his cheeks, walking away, I knew he was staring at me and wondering what had gone wrong. Everything was wrong, but he wasn’t aware what exactly it was.

I drove as speedily as possible to meet up with the interview.

When I drove into the office premises, I became suddenly worried at the queue which led from the gate to the office frontage. The receptionist walked as fast as she could toward me, “madam good morning, the applicants for the post of the security guard are plenty. I don’t know what to do.” She said breathing heavily.

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I alighted from the car and kept staring at the queue lined up with old men.

“Um…wait a minute.” I said to the receptionist. She looked at my stunned expression over the men in the queue. “My father inlaw!” I screamed.

Yes, he was the one. Nathan’s father. He was right on the queue, he was wearing a brown rough jean and a green Tee with an old baseball cap. I walked as fast as I could toward him, my high heel shoes making a clapping sound.

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“Papa, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be looking for a job like this.” I said, I was amazed.

“Ah my daughter, I no be your papa inlaw o. I been finish that deal with Nathan, he only paid me to be your father inlaw for just two days which I did. Na job I dey find here o.” He said.

I was absolutely lost for words, I didn’t know what to say. I stood there for minutes, staring at him like he was a ghost.

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