I Am On Fire With Desire For You {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles December 23, 2016

I know that what beats between us is not just sex, but right now, tonight, all I want is you.

I don’t want you just for the man who I see, I want you for the man who you actually are.

The one who I know I bring out in you.

And tonight, I want that man—I want you—to touch me.

I want you to touch me here and there, and simply f*ckin’ everywhere.

While we set fire to these sheets, we also set fire to each other’s souls.

I’ve finally stopped trying to figure it all out, because I never really came up with any tangible answers anyway.

Because now I’ve simply decided to let go and fall into you.

I don’t want to just float safely upon your passionate breath but I want to submerge myself in the desire that floods our bodies and makes us fly into the impossible.

I want to make you burn with the same fire that you ignite within me.

So, tonight, I just want to leave everything that we should have done at the door, along with our clothing of tightly woven securities, and take you into me.

Into the snug place of wellbeing and high voltage energy that leaves us gasping because of its realness, tumbled by the dizzying fantasy of it all.

I tried to fight these flames for so long—to submerge myself into the cold waters of reality, trying to find the bottom once again.

What I found though, is that no matter how I tried, my desire just kept coming back, stronger than before.
So this time, I just want to see how hot you can get me and how much I can make you sweat, with my ravaging flames.

Everything else between us, besides the sex, makes the sex itself so….


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