Hurricane Harvey; Maiduguri Flood; And A Sallah President

By Ikenga Chronicles September 4, 2017

Hurricane Harvey; Maiduguri Flood; And A Sallah President

The world witnessed the devastating effects of Climate Change again, last week when America, India,and Nigeria were ravaged by floods/hurricanes.So impactful were the floods/hurricanes that in Texas, it was initially reported that at least 31 people lost their lives, while in Nigeria, 110,000 persons were displaced by the flood at Maiduguri.

Following the news of Hurricane Harvey,President Donald Trump of the US–that chronic unbeliever in Climate Change– immediately reached out to the people of Houston, Texas and Louisiana.Despite the threat from North Korea, President Trump and his Vice President made out time to go and be with the people of Texas,commiserating with them, and handing out a blanket there, and giving a hug here.

In Nigeria however, with about 110,000 persons displaced,President Muhammadu Buhari stayed cooped up in his hometown of Daura, eating Sallah ram, and sending his “heartfelt messages” to the people of Maiduguri. There was no need to visit Maiduguri because apparently, Sallah rams are more important than the hundreds of thousands displaced. It did not matter that the people of Benue gave him their votes so that he could achieve his perennial dream of ruling Nigeria again.

Then on Sunday, the mother of all insulting news came through from the Nigerian Presidency: President Buhari is to travel to the US on Monday, to visit President Trump!

It is perhaps time for the Nigerian people to collectively weep for themselves. Finally, they landed themselves a President who does not care whether they are dead or alive. Because if they are dead,Emperor Buhari will still rule over their corpses!