How Trump Is Destroying America’s Democracy And Status As World Leader

By Kennedy Emetulu July 6, 2020

How Trump Is Destroying America’s Democracy And Status As World Leader

The tragedy of Trump isn’t only that he has endangered America, he has endangered the whole free world because he has destroyed the guardrails that hold authoritarianism to account or keep them at bay. But the whole collapse did not start with him, it started with the moment after the first black man was elected president. It started with that early statement by Mitch McConnell that they were going to ensure that Obama is a one-term president. At that point he turned partisanship from an instrument of checks and balances in American democracy to a weapon against America and the free word in the hands of totalitarians.

To understand this, we just have to look back at American history before then and how, even with all the hoopla about partisanship, there was what seemed like an unwritten rule of political solidarity (no matter the party in the White House) when it comes to America’s engagement abroad, even when they dissect the finer points of foreign policy platforms at home for the partisan domestic audience. American resolve abroad was always bipartisan. That was why we noticed that through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan Bush 1, Clinton to Bush 2, even though there was what we thought was intense partisanship, there was always a sort of unity of purpose when it concerned American foreign policy. Whether America was doing what was right or wrong abroad, both parties in the main were always in lockstep and that was the only way they could build coalitions around the world and champion the rest of the free world in fighting the Cold War or in engaging in two wrong wars in the Gulf.

Obama came on an anti-war wave and on the back of the collapse of an economy ran aground by Republican overindulgence and cluelessness. With the international jingoism of Bush 2 running its disgraceful course, America saw Obama as an opportunity to recalibrate and present a new face of international leadership while reckoning with its own history. The election of the first black man as US president was momentous for the world. He was welcome rapturously everywhere he went, he won a Nobel Peace Prize early as encouragement and countries were lining up to be on the side of the United States to face a brave new world. Americans really looked to a post-racial world with him in charge. But the Republicans in Congress buried their heads in their racist playbooks and unleashed hell on Obama. The Tea Party, which could hardly disguise its racism was marching all over the place with some of their activists hanging Obama’s effigies from trees in their front lawn. All sorts of racist demons were unleashed just to ensure America sours on the man. With equanimity, Obama bore it all and tried to move the governmental machine forward, but the Republicans had taken partisanship to more dangerous height, no, not in not confirming Garland, Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, but in finding new friends abroad. Putin became their best friend! Anytime Obama stands up to Putin, they would all troop out booing him, mocking him, telling him how Putin is the macho guy and he was the weakling. When he attempted to stop the Russian incursion in Syria, the right was out supporting Putin, reciting his op-eds against Obama in American newspapers. They told us how Putin wears an aluminum cross and how all he wants to do in the Middle East was protect Christians because the Muslim Obama won’t protect them. Trump was cavorting with Putin openly and leading campaigns of senseless conspiracies against Obama. The birther campaign was his main racist card against the first black president. He was daily regaling the nation with stories of an investigation he said he was conducting with some unnamed others to prove the Obama was not born in American. Indeed, it was the singular most important thing that propelled him to the White House later on the back of the hate he had unleashed at that point and the fear of the other that was to be the undisguised face of his campaign. That is what America is swimming in presently.

The point is the authoritarians took note. They befriended Trump and he began to see himself in their image. Imagine how he and his campaign laid America bare before Russians. We can talk about the technicality of whether or not there was collaboration between his campaign and the Russians and what Mueller found or did not find, only an idiot won’t see clearly that Trump and the Russians worked together to undermine the election. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that they invested in him winning and without their effort, he would have lost. At that moment, Trump presented democracy as a weakness and that is the carcass being shared by authoritarians and those who have such aspirations around the world. With Trump’s fascist tendencies, only the alarmed traditional democratic countries in the West are holding firm. All the others now think they can just run pretend democracies or any kind of autocratic experiment they like and nobody would bother them because, clearly, America under Trump has lost the moral right to champion democracy abroad. Of course, everyone knows that China dared not do what they are now doing in Hong Kong when Obama was there and Putin could not have attempted what he did by elongating his rule 12 more years because when Mrs Clinton was in the State Department, she was the one he dreaded most and the one he believed almost got him out of power. All he was praying for then was to just finish his term. But with Clinton out of the way and his Useful Idiot running around his pram like a demented dog, sure, he can now rule Russia forever.

For me, America remains the beacon of hope for the world and it remains the natural leader of the free world today and in the foreseeable future. Democracy may seem like its weakness today, but it is its greatest strength and it is now in the hands of Americans, the custodians of the hope of the free world, to save their country and the world by using the forthcoming election to make a massive statement of people’s power, so authoritarians everywhere can hear it loud and clear! The first part of that statement they need to make is against Donald J Trump himself. They need not deceive themselves thinking he’s America’s champion or that if he’s made any mistake in leadership, he made it in good faith. Trump is Putin’s Useful Idiot. He’s a traitor. Americans need to ensure that the vote leaves no room for any technicality he can exploit because, as everyone can see, he’s desperate, very desperate. The second part of that statement is to punish the Republicans who have enabled his treachery with their obstructionism and total refusal to stand up for America against Trump. They’ve lost the soul of their party to Trump, they need to go find it outside power. They had the opportunity to toss him out during the impeachment trial and get America going under a Pence, who though has become the silly face of senseless obsequiousness, would have nonetheless found his bearing back to traditional Republican political path. Americans need to give Biden a solid majority in Congress and back him fully to restore America’s power and leadership in these times. The world need America badly now and the world needs Americans to ensure this. The starting point is to get the treacherous Trump and Republicans out of power.