How to Love a Woman who is Expecting you to Leave

By Ikenga Chronicles May 11, 2018

How to Love a Woman who is Expecting you to Leave

Just because we believe it will be different doesn’t mean our hearts always get the memo right away.

To love a woman who expects you to leave is like grappling with the sun while trying to hang onto the moon. One minute, she will seem confident and surefooted, as if she’s never doubted the love that you have for her, but in just a blink, the way in which she looks at you can change. There’s a glint in her eyes and a tilt of her chin that tells you she’s studying you.

She’s watching for movement, for the moment when she stops being a beautiful enigma and instead becomes nothing more than an annoyance or a puzzle you don’t desire to figure out—nothing more than someone who was just an almost.

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Or worse, that she’s been forgotten altogether.

Sometimes this change is felt energetically because she isn’t just listening to your words or watching your moments, but she’s studying everything you’re not saying. And, in truth, at times she is just waiting for you to leave, not because she wants you to, but because when that is what you’re accustomed to, the thought of someone actually staying seems impossible.

Some would say that this woman needs to heal—the truth is she has. Unfortunately, for women who are always expecting to be left, it’s not healing that changes that thinking, it’s seeing the actions of someone who doesn’t ever plan to.

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Actions are what will transform her doubt into belief.

To love a woman who is expecting you to leave means knowing that sometimes she’s going to need to be told to stop expecting the worst, to trust you. It means she might need more reassurance than most, not because she craves a security blanket, but because…