How to Fall in Love & have it Last Forever

By Ikenga Chronicles May 11, 2018

How to Fall in Love & have it Last Forever

Forever isn’t an illusion, but believing that it will always be easy is.

When it comes to love, it seems that everything is impermanent except our cynicism. We barter and trade expectations and become distracted by beauty—and in the end, we wonder why all we leave in our wake are broken relationships and needs that remained unfulfilled.

Yet, a large part of this is not simply being in the place to fall in love, as a healthy and conscious individual—but also learning what love truly is.

We’ve come so far from the smothered and enclosed relationship days of previous generations, when love and sharing our lives meant only one option: a traditional marriage. However, love isn’t necessary for marriage, and marriage isn’t necessary for love.

Love is not only a choice; love is an action. Love is not dates or gifts. Love is not the best Instagram pictures or the cutest hashtags. Love is not stalking the page of other females (or males) who like or comment on our partner’s social media. Love is not sex; love is not conforming or guilt-ridden. Love isn’t pressure or a trophy—and perhaps, most of all, love is never an end result, but a journey.

We’ve been sold a false image of love, so it’s no wonder our relationships fall apart—marriages included. It’s no wonder people are in divorce court before the ink has even dried on their marriage license, and it’s not a surprise that it seems the cure for this is open relationships in which we can be physically or emotionally intimate with anyone we find interesting.

It’s easy to think the source of fulfillment lies within the bed of someone new—but the reality is that the person we truly end up cheating is ourselves.

To fall in love and have it….

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