How I Helped Lionel Messi–Maradona

By Ikenga Chronicles September 10, 2019

How I Helped Lionel Messi–Maradona

Football legend and new Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata coach Diego Maradona said he should be given the credit for helping Barcelona star Lionel Messi when he was at his best.

In a long and extensive presentation media conference, Maradona spoke on a variety of subjects including helping Messi by working with Lionel Messi.

“At the World Cup where I was the coach (of Argentina), I took charge of the best version of Messi.

“I’ll tell everyone that. He was incredible. After training had finished, we stayed behind to practice shooting. That’s when he started taking more shots at goal. Not because I showed him how to! I only said: ‘You need to hit it into the middle’,”he added whilst laughing.

“Now he scores all the time!”