How Cow Come Take Get Right Pass Human Beings?

By Ikenga Chronicles March 20, 2016

–Victor Archibong

My country people wey dey obodo naija, how una dey? The tins wey dey happen for we country no sweet my belle at all at all.

We sabi say everibodi get equal right even though say some  people get level pass some people unto who dem be for society and for the country but human being na human being and animal na animal.

I neva hear am before say human being and animal get the same right or animal get right pass human being for our obodo naija. For dis modernized and civilized  time wey everibodi eye don open like iced fish, era wey internet and technology don take over back to back, (ko joor!), wey people wey sabi book and go skool plenti like sand sand, na him animal go come get preferential preference ( according to grama) pass human being– I wonda.

As the tori sound for ear na so e go soon be if we no shine our eyes well well and wake up from slumber and sleep. No be gist again o say federal government of our obodo naija wan put plenti money for agricultural sector but the tin wey I dey ask be say, shei na only cattle rearing be agriculture?

I hear say federal government don dey make arrangement to import grass all the way from Brazil come naija to dey feed naija cows, and the matter no stop there o, all the thirty-six state for we country must to provide land and space for dis cow and people wey dey rear dem.  Dat is to say all the Fulani cow rearers go dey for all the thirty-six states of the whole obodo dey take care of cows.

My people, dat is to say people land and house go go be dat and na for the southern states na him dem go plenti pass becos na there fertile land and water dey pass.

My people, una sabi say cow rearers sabi waka well well and na where grass dey dem go like settle with their family and friends, na from there all their bordas wey dey neighbouring countries  go take invade our obodo becos free for all cow grass don dey to chop and yet we dey try fight terrorism.

If you follow their history well well u go sabi say anywhere dem enter kasala go bust cos dem value cow pass human being. See Plateau state wey be once centre of peace and tourism don turn centre of crisis and terrorism. Even sef na dem kidnap Falae one time Presidential candidate for him farm.

Just of recent now na so dem carry their cows  enter  Aguta land for Benue state, cows go dey chop people farm crops and destroy farmland, as owners of land try to stop dem na him herdsmen turn to  warlords o! See killing like say na war film, like play like play over 500 people don die, houses burn and homes don go, imagine situation wey papa, mama and children all die (dat one mean say the whole generation don finish be dat), dem render people  homeless and village-less for their own state oo just becos dem claim say the farmers kill their cows. Abeg tell me cow life and human being life which wan dey precious pass?

As federal government wan stop importation of food, d farmland wey farms suppose take plant food crops na him dem wan dey use plant grass for cow, abeg tell me wetin go com happen to the poor masses?

E fit b sef in the nearest future cow and human being go dey drag space, if federal government no look into dis matter well well and consider the future of d masses.

As e be say cow get value pass human being, and cow get equal right as human being dat is to say in the next election cow sef go go vote.

My people make we find black goat now wey light dey  before night come o.


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