How Buhari Will Win The 2019 Election

By Ikenga Chronicles April 16, 2018

How Buhari Will Win The 2019 Election

Following the announcement last Monday, by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, that he will seek re-election, mixed reactions followed. For the majority of Nigerians, it was anger that descended. Anger that the man, who has almost run the country into the ground, and whose age and lack of any basic understanding of governance are strong limitations, dared to seek re-election. There were also those who felt that considering the breakdown in security of lives in the country, and the President’s blatant disregard to court orders, the man had displayed that he was not a democrat and thus should honourably step down.

Still there were a few, mostly those who benefit from his Presidency, and brainwashed Nigerians, who erupted with joy, following that announcement.

The truth is that, in a sane country, with strong democratic institutions, what should follow Buhari’s decision to run for the Presidency should be a disgrace of the man at the polls. Alas, Nigeria is neither a sane country, nor are her democratic institutions strong. These are what Buhari and those who are beating this drum of infamy for him are counting on, to ensure that he emerges victorious in 2019.

First, they have repeated ad nauseam the “corruption” mantra. In fact, any genuine admonition, or criticism of the failed administration of Buhari is shouted down with “corruption is fighting back”; “they are angry that they cannot loot again”, and all sundry mantras like those. As they continue to flood the public space with such expressions, some people begin to believe that to be the truth, and thus, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believe that no other person can save Nigeria, apart from Buhari. This tactic is focused primarily on the semi-literate North, where most of the votes come from. And this group of Nigerians, brainwashed and deprived of basic amenities and education, has been left that way so that politicians like Buhari can always exploit them, to gain massive votes. In fact, so uninformed are they that it was said that after President Buhari’s son was involved in a power bike accident(power bike purchased for tens of millions of naira, by an unemployed young man), they were told that the President was so poor that he could not afford to buy a car for his son, so his son uses “okada” to move around! This group of people, with their tens of millions of votes, are the primary hope of Buhari and his people for 2019.

Again, there are a lot of others, who, angered by the suffering in the land, brought on Nigerians by those who marketed Buhari in 2015, have vowed that the suffering must continue(Nigerians are petty like that)! So they will cast protests votes for Buhari, in order to ensure that they too have a hand in the suffering that the country will continue to go through under Buhari. They started as just a few persons, but are gradually growing in number. Most of them have made, or are concluding plans to flee the country after the elections, but before they leave, they intend to repay the marketers of Buhari in 2015, in their own coins!

The two classes above, plus other genuine believers in Buhari, and those who will vote for him because they are either paid, or asked to vote him, will help give Buhari an edge over whoever he will come up against, in 2019.

Also, there is the part that the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) are playing, and will still play. For instance, it has been noticed that it is remarkably more difficult for voters to get their Permanent Voters Card(PVC), in the South(or any other place that is not a Buhari stronghold), than it is for the brainwashed Northerners to get theirs. This is a strategic move to disenfranchise anti-Buhari voters, and will be in favour of Buhari.

As 2019 comes, it seems almost inevitable that Nigerians will renew their contract with suffering, death, and clannishness. Except of course somebody rises and resets these odds stacked in favour of President Buhari.