Hospital Won’t Release My Babies

By Ikenga Chronicles March 24, 2016

Hospital Won’t Release My Babies

What about parental consent???

Caroline Danjuma leads campaign for the release of conjoined twins been held by Enugu Hospital.

As posted on her Instagram @carolyna-hutching

……..Yes, the hospital in Enugu refused to released the babies claiming that they had done the operation before in 1980’s. My question was, will it be the same set of doctors that will operate on them?

I have no problem with Enugu hospital operating on the babies but we need to be real here. This involves two lives and they are not lab rats. The hospital certainly doesn’t have the equipment and we need to save this babies as soon as we can.



The hospital is also refusing to send their MRI scan and CT scan to other hospitals that asked for it. Hospitals in Texas and Canada have asked for the scans to see if they could assist the children but the hospital in Enugu has refused to give it out. The parents requested for it for over a week now, the hospital is yet to respond.

When I called a certain Prof Obiayo, she asked what the hospitals abroad needed it for. What a funny question. The father asked for his kids to be released but the hospital refused.

My case here is that. is it ok to accept you can’t handle it and assist the parents in finding a better solution even if it’s within the country, but when you are bent on taking out the operation yourself knowing fully well you can’t is totally unfair to those kids. The mother has been crying since for the fear of losing her babies.

The hospital went as far as publishing in the newspapers that they need ‪#‎5m‬ for the surgery without informing the parents. They are much more concerned in making a name and money from the innocent babies. Giving out their personal account without the consent of the family. They said we should keep the babies in the hospital for 9 months before operation, but from my research, those babies don’t need to stay that long if they are not sharing any organ. The babies are handed over to student doctors and that scares me most.

Pls help Mrs Mary Ayeni smile again. She is a God fearing woman and certainly has gone through a lot. I plead with Nigerians to tell Enugu hospital to release the children medical records to hospitals that are willing to assist. The babies are not lab rats.

Mrs Ayeni phone num 08138581860
Pls contact her for more details. And if you will like to visit the children in Enugu hospital, that will be great too.
Hopeville foundation is also willing to assist you for more inquiries. Thank you.
UNTH, ituku ozalla (Hospital)

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Credit: Aishat Alubankudi

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