He’s Everything I said I wanted—Except He’s Not You

By Ikenga Chronicles January 1, 2017

He’s Everything I said I wanted—Except He’s Not You

I’ve found a man who happily fulfills every single requirement on my precious list—except for just one thing—he’s not you.

When this man first came into my life, I was blissfully excited because I had hoped that he would make me forget that I’d ever tasted your name as sweetly as I did.

I had thought that maybe the potential existed to forget about you once and for all.

Even though I do care about you—I also wanted to try to forget you.

What’s it Like to Love an Evolved, Sexy Man?

Let’s be honest—getting over our heads into a new love can be the most effective way of getting over someone. I actually uttered the word “wow” when I started talking to this new man, because it was as if some divine power above had heard my request and sent him my way.

It’s not physical attractiveness that catches my attention, but something more undefined, like the light in a man’s eyes and the way he enters a room and radiates his energy.

There’s just something to be said for those small things that are unspoken.

When I first spent time with this new man, it was wonderful—we began talking as if we’d been out handfuls of times before.

Dear Lover, Let’s Make A Plan For Love

Yet—I began to realize that the only compliments he paid me were on how I look.

We had a pleasant enough time together, and when he brought me back home, he asked if he could come inside—the truth is I didn’t want him too, I wasn’t comfortable with it—but I said yes anyway, mostly because I’d never done anything like that before and I wanted to try it on for size.

It didn’t feel right though, and his presence in my house didn’t feel as relaxed as yours always had.

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