Herdsmen And The Conquest Of Nigeria Through Cattle Colonies 

By Ikenga Chronicles January 11, 2018

— Gboyega Adejumo

Any community that creates a herdsmen colony, will lose its identity. The Fulani will take over and create an emirate, sooner or later. And with the rate they reproduce, in each state, the Fulani will work toward the Jihadist expansionism, with the legitimacy of land ownership, vested in the colony created by law.

This has always been the goal of Ahmadu Bello, when he said famously that the Fulani shall not relent until they dip the Qur’an into the sea and claim the whole Nigerian piece of real estate as an extension of his grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio’s estate.

To the Fulani, patience is it. But the goal is all.

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They want the land, and to rule the people. Symbolically, the first thing the Northern Fulani agenda produced was renaming the road that leads to the sea, “Ahmadu Bello way”, Victoria Island, Lagos. To those that are still in the dark, it might sound nondescript, but for those who know the way they reason, it is a subtle reminder that the quest is not accomplished until they reach the sea and claim the land like Ahmadu Bello said.

The strategy is to kill them first and placate them later. The strategy is to maim them, scare them into submission, then offer them something that looks like a solution, while the idea is to steal their land!

The Two Personalities Who Signed The Amalgamation Treaty Of 1914 On Behalf Of The Southern And Northern Protectorates

The strategy is to beat them beyond stunning their bodies, but meddling and messing with their brains, so that by themselves, they will welcome anything that seemingly looks like a palliative and a cure, whereas their is none. They will still wander, they are nomads, they are itinerant. But by having colonies among the people, they will even succeed more .

Cattle rustling is a Fulani and Hausa business. No Middle Beltan, Niger Deltan, Igbo or Yoruba can rustle.
But they will come under the guise of cattle rustling to claim ownership of our Land!

Cattle breeding, just like poultry, pigry, and other animal husbandry business,  is a private business concern and not a national issue listed in our constitution.

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They are not creating colonies for our own farming concerns!

President Goodluck Jonathan built schools for the Fulani, which they have shunned. It is conquest and Jihad that is their aim and goal.

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If Southern states dare allow these cattle colonies, which is a surreptitious substitute for the failed grazing land venture to hold, in 50 years, expect Fulani Emirs in the remotest parts of Uyo, Ibadan, and Enugu!

The real problem of Nigeria is not that of corruption, but that of the leadership crisis that has been in place since 1914–the unfortunate year of that inordinate venture that gave the most recent outsiders access into the southern space!

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