Help! They Have Kidnapped Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles May 8, 2017

Help! They Have Kidnapped Nigeria

Last night, the demi-gods in Aso Rock casually announced to Nigerians that the man they elected to be their president, who has not been part of any official function outside Aso Rock since the middle of January this year, has jetted out again for treatment, after having not been in charge since the beginning of this year. And as a final fling of mud on the faces of Nigerians, asserted that “The length of the President’s stay in London will be determined by the doctors.” Which is to say, “the man returns when he returns.”

That Nigerians voted a ghost worker into office, is something they are just beginning to comprehend, as they are completely at a loss as to who is running the affairs of the country.

If you have read Olusegun Adeniyi’s Power Politics And Death in Nigeria…, you would recall how hard Yar’adua’s close associates worked to deceive Nigerians about the late President’s true health status. The same tape is playing out under Buhari, only that this time, we have an antecedent to lean on. If anybody was ever in doubt as to who is actually in control, Friday’s incidence where Buhari asked about his official photographer Bayo(who had been relieved of his duty by the new powers that be), is ample proof that directives on the running of the country,which were purportedly coming from the man Nigerians elected, are not from him. In essence, Nigeria has been hijacked by a few people, whom Nigerians did not give the power to run their affairs.

But that is not all. This government has perfected the act of blatantly playing Nigerians as fools with no iota of wisdom at all.

Well aware that Nigerians had begun to question the whereabouts of their President, they quickly cobbled up the lie that the President came to the office on Tuesday and held briefings with the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF). Unlike their usual pattern, there were no photos to prove this meeting held. But to show that they lied, fate ensured that the President whom they announced resumed work on Tuesday effectively missed the media-covered Federal Executive Council meeting. When Nigerians asked, they lied that Mr. President could not come due to doctors’ orders that he rests.

They however sprung him on Friday, attending prayers at the Aso Rock mosque. This time around, the cameras appeared.Yet they were aware that the man needed to leave for London soon, and something else had to take away the attention. BANG! Chibok girls were released by Boko Haram. While we were celebrating their release, Nigeria’s President quickly sneaks into London, to take care of his dwindling health.

The simple fact however remains that anybody who genuinely wants the best for Nigeria will be calling for President Buhari’s resignation right now. For his sake and for the sake of Nigeria. The President needs to take care of himself and live for his family–that should be the first priority. All other persons insisting he must stay on hate him and Nigeria–it is purely about selfish reasons. If it isn’t purely about selfish reasons, then surely, such people must be aware that if Buhari steps down today, power will not go to the “corrupt” PDP. It will still be in the hands of the “incorruptible” APC, which will then be headed by the incomparable Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Kidnapping Nigeria, and holding her to ransom by forcing an incapacitated man on her as her President is not only criminal, but the height of wickedness and selfishness.

One fact remains though, and that is that in the end, Nigeria must win. This victory will either come through fate’s way of naturally correcting anomalies, or one day, the wool being pulled over the eyes of Nigerians will be forcibly pulled off by them, and they will revolt.