Hegemony Of Nigerian Politics Which Has Beclouded The True Meaning Of Democracy!

By Ikenga Chronicles November 17, 2019

Hegemony Of Nigerian Politics Which Has Beclouded The True Meaning Of Democracy!

— Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

When late Fela Anikulapo released his song and called democracy in Nigeria, the demonstration of craziness, l found it profoundly true and the basis of our political hegemony.

Since many are not acquainted with the word hegemony, it is the leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others.

I experienced this absurdity when l joined the Nigerian Army and l observed the incredible rate at which the northerners, climb the leadership position at such an accelerated rate! The Hausas or Fulani were rather peculiar because the Fulanis are the smallest tribe in Nigeria, dominated the officers higher ranks and it appears, like the Hausa could only be commanders where no Fulani Officer was available.

So why is the FULANI such a dominant tribe?

Their mission was to conquer and dominate all other tribes during and after the jihadism.

They were light in complexion and had white features with straight nose and straight hair and saw themselves, as Allah’s chosen tribe or people to lead others.

Their confidence and dedication showed their tenacity in occupying all northern states of countries across west Africa!

You cannot see the Fulani or Hausa across east Africa, south or North Africa!

Historically, they chased us out of east Africa, blacks they regard as inferior race and must be dominated by the chosen people, the jihadist Fulani, servants of Muhammad, the servant of Allah!

Most of us, southerners never understood the mission of the Fulani and their caliphate subconscious and conscious mission to subdue all other people in any part of Africa because we worshipped our own Gods until xtianity came to west Africa through Late Mary SLESSOR!

So where the FULANIS co-exist you will observe lack of progress and serious looting of the treasury!

Simply, because their objectives are:
A) convert the infidels
b) loot their possessions and share it with Allah and Muhammad
C) destroy their homes and take possession of all they have

However, we are no longer in the Stone Age hence they have run into a conflict and to go back to their Stone Age existence they created the insurgency called Boko haram to have their bye-laws and Islamic orientation and culture which is purely, a life without western education which would restrict the enlightenment and challenge to their Islamic dominated world of female oppressed world and a select rich few!

So, you will notice all the northern states are happy with no progress and building of mosques rather than schools to educate their people. Even Emir Sanusi of Kano state spoke against the backward culture and hatred of the western education.

The contradictions, Boko haram hates the western education which threatens their dark ages orientation and backward Looking and uncivilised culture.

The other ridiculous and surprising ethics, are the education of the Muslim royalties dichotomous orientation in sending their children to the best universities in the western world and ensuring that the lower caste members of their societies remain in the dark and attend only Islamic schools!


Please ask yourself, if any northerner, who ever became a president or prime minister, achieved anything in our lives or society but just looted or left things, as they were without any growth or progress?

They are culturally not allowed to dream or expect life to be greater or better.

They are to depend on Allah and wait for the Godot!

They are not thinkers or progressive people !

You visit the north and all you see are road constructions and bridges and when you go inland, you see nothing but huts and mud dwellings with cows and goats!

The cities even have their inner city where foreigners are not allowed to enter.

If the white colonial masters had not built houses in areas they called Government reserved areas, we would have had clay huts and cottages with straw roofs!

I lived in Kano where my mother was born and audit work made me to go to areas close to our borders like MAIGATARI in Maiduguri, and it was shockingly uncivilised part of Nigeria!

The governors are just dumb and hopeless like many southern governors! Please see what governor Abiodun Makinde is doing in Oyo state!
Salaries are paid as at when due because these are concurrently due expense which could be paid by direct debit, monthly and promptly!

So tell me, why southern state Muslim governors could not do this?

They are under the leadership of the most corrupt Nigerian who for over 20 years led the APC for only looters and looting ideology but never, any progressive ideology and he ensured almost all yoruba states’ governors are Muslims!

Hegemony has made President BUHARI to impose Muslim only and Fulani executives, in all relevant political positions; even to position that require secular and religiously independent candidate and for instance, by imposing a chief judge, who has competence only in sharia; over a secular legal system despite the requirements of the political and legal requirements for the position, proved his NEPOTIC madness!

As long as, hegemony remains a serious problem, we must understand that the union is not working and like U.K. or India, agree to devolve!

We are different and we must recognise the difference and create a better environment for our cultural and political needs, through independent regional states.

Each to his own!

We need ODUDUWA state with a secular governance, a Biafra state with the same orientation and the northern state of HaFunura – AREWA state purely for Muslims. The northern xtians in the north, should create their state, as the Pakistani people did, carving out their state out of India strictly, for Muslims!

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan
Founder the reform party of Nigeria