Hate Speech And The Regulation Of The Internet

By Ikenga Chronicles November 12, 2019

Hate Speech And The Regulation Of The Internet

–By Paschal Nwosu Esq

I read today, again, about the Bill, before the Senate that provides the death penalty for hate speech.

My best reaction, is that these politicians and their cohorts must hate free speech.

It is in the nature of evil to fear dissent .

This is coming behind the Lai Mohammed’s, law for a law regulating the social Media.

The aggravated onslaught, against, the rights of expression, is a grave concern to the law and justice; but even these institutions are crippled.

These legislations are all attempting to provide the legal framework for the suppression of free speech and the constitutional freedom of expression, in the backdrop of a challenged judiciary.

A philosopher once said, not to me or Nigerians, particularly; that once a government, becomes, corrupt, it makes more laws.

Here is a government seeking to elongate it’s tenure by amending the constitution to a single term of six years.

A government run by a President without a Secondary School certificate, or stable health and or grasps of the fragility of our political experiences and compositions.

A mad Government of deluded partisans.

What amounts to hate speech are varied to them , or legal interpretations .It includes, protecting your lands , exposing corruption, Land grab policies, opposing government policies and officials of state , expressing conflicting, or opposing religious and social beliefs , expressing opposing political reservations .

Are there any needs for these waste of time and resources in making these laws?

No, there are no needs for them.


They are already in our extant laws. The criminal and penal codes has the most comprehensive criminal provisions in our extant laws which has taken care of everything or crimes imaginable.

Only these legislators are untrained, poorly informed and determined to undermine the integrity of the political process.

There is no need to gag the internet.

What is unfolding is an attempt to suppress oppositions, rule by impunity and plunder, extol and implement programs of ethnic aggrandizement and the suppression of organized and informed protests..

Since the emergence of the internet press houses are no longer shut down.

A greater threat has emerged:

Something viral and powerful threatens the uncensored conscience, of these criminal political elements and religious bigots – the internet, and its vibrant press.

Now should we let them have their way?