Greed, The Creed Of Leadership

By Ikenga Chronicles February 13, 2018

Greed, The Creed Of Leadership

–Anyangbeso Endurance

Recently, the federal government did a jingle on “Change begins with me”. This jingle has been aired and is still being aired in most of our public media and dailies. The jingle though attractive and commendable will only be taken seriously if the political class matches words with action. Oh yes! They must walk the talk because true leadership is not a cake walk.

Needless to say that in Nigeria, and nay Africa, greed is the creed of leadership. Something drastic ought to be done to stop this trend that has reduced Africa to a “Dark Continent” and Nigeria to a “lame giant”.

Sometimes, when we say that Nigeria’s problem is corruption in leadership, most people unconsciously think of political leadership but this is not altogether true. Although political leadership seems to take the largest chunk of our problem as a country, it is not at the vanguard of it.

We have leadership problems in every sphere of our national lives – religious, political, economic, social, educational, etc. Every discerning Nigerian ought to understand that the failure of religious leadership is at the vanguard of our national problems. Come to think of it, most of our leaders, whether political, economic, social and otherwise come from a church or mosque. The church or the mosque teaches that righteousness exalts a nation but bribery and corruption is retrogressive and damning. Why then do we have so much corruption and ills in our polity? It is because we have not matched our message with our action. Failing here, we fail everywhere.

The change and progress we desire as a people will begin if the mosques and the churches take their place as harbingers of probity and righteousness.

The political class should endeavour to stimulate infrastructural development by cutting down the excesses in governance. The three arms of government should as a matter of urgency cut down their salaries and allowances which is almost reaching the high heavens. If they do this, then change has begun with them and helpless and hapless Nigerians will not die by instalments.

The policymakers in the educational sector should stop making Nigeria a laughing stock in the global community because of the hollow policies they make. Teachers in public schools should teach students conscientiously while government should provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

Doctors and health workers in both public and private hospitals should do their job of saving lives sacrificially and conscientiously. They should understand that life is sacrosanct and therefore should not toy with the lives of their patients as is seen in some quarters.

The police should do their job of protecting lives and properties. They should not extort from commercial motorists (taxis and bus drivers), they should not destroy innocent lives.

Lawyers and judicial workers should dispense justice. They should uphold the tenets of fairness and equity in the discharge of their duties. Judges should be impartial.

Civil servants should shun indolence. They must also jettison corruption and other sharp practices inimical to national progress.

Nigerians must begin to do the right things; Change must begin with us all!


  • Anyangbeso Endurance, a teacher and Public Affairs analyst is based in Benin City Nigeria.