How Gov. Wike Enabled Rats to Attack President Buhari’s Office

By Ikenga Chronicles August 23, 2017

How Gov. Wike Enabled Rats to Attack President Buhari’s Office

–Bura-Bari Nwilo

You must have read that President Buhari who recently returned to Nigeria after over a hundred days in the UK has resumed work from home. One of his aides disclosed this in a message to the press and accused rodents of wrecking the Presidential office. What may not be know is that before the President left the country, on a certain day many hundred days ago, the Rivers State Governor visited him with a bowl of pepper soup. Being a traditional Rivers delicacy, the governor travels with a pot of pepper soup so he can give people who live outside the state a taste of Rivers’ heritage.

The gesture which was purely out of love and geared towards winning the heart of Mr President who is yet to have any federal project in Rivers State–a state with two federal refineries. It should be noted that one of the federal roads that leads to one of the facilities is currently so deplorable that when the Vice President visited the state, his hosts decided he used a helicopter. The sight could have broken him down and he might have ended up in a German hospital and that may not be good for the economy.Anyway, back to Governor Wike’s visit to Mr. President.

So, even though Mr. President liked the bowl of pepper soup so much, he couldn’t eat it. His Nigerian doctor who graduated from a Nigerian university and knows nothing but how to administer Panadol extra advised he avoided the soup because of pepper. But what people didn’t know was that any soup given to an APC chieftain by a PDP member was not to be consumed except one was ready to sing glorious songs to God in heaven.

The abandoned bowl of soup stayed on his Presidential table and attracted hungry rodents. The rodents which had been left hungry since the Jonathan administration left office had once protested but were ignored. They took their anger out on the furniture in the office and tore it apart. As we speak, even the official portrait of Mr President was destroyed. The President would be required to take another photo and since his health is shaky, a clone is required.

This is all the fault of the Governor of Rivers State! If he had kept his bowl of soup for his people who were cold from flood in his state, maybe we wouldn’t be talking about 10 billion naira replacement of office furniture.


*Bura-Bari Nwilo is the author of A Tiny Place Called Happiness

* Photo Credit: The Forefront