I Got Myself A Man (Episode 8)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 13, 2018

“How much more do I need to prove to you that I love you, I own you, I am your husband, I own what you own, it’s my name that should be recognized when you’re called.” Nathan said, boldly holding my hands.

His comment instigated a train of thought that instantly perturbed me. Reflecting on the days I worked so hard, suffered so much to earn what I own.

“Nath, what is yours is yours, what is mine is mine. If you want to be recognized, you should work hard for it.”

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“So that’s settled, then? I will be home here waiting for you everyday.” He said thoughtfully, his huskily voiced words making me glance up at him with surprise.

“I will find you a job. Or maybe, we could find a good business that you can do. Right now, I am occupied with lots of things.” I said softly.

He walked out on me, like I was saying nonsense.
There was absolutely nothing else I would have done to please Nath as my husband, than to help create a business for us, or find him a better job.

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He’d gone to tell his cousin about our conversation.

“Can you imagine, she hasn’t agreed to the plan. She doesn’t want me to be a man.”

“What did she say?” Inemesit asked shrilly.

“That he can’t share his company with anyone. She toiled for it, and blablabla… and that she can sponsor a business.”

Inemesit paused.

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“but that’s a good idea. I think this is going to help.” She sounded as if she was being both generous and thoughtful.
“Take the offer and save yourself the stress of fighting and bickering with your wife.” Inemesit added.

He’d come back to me that night, kneeling down beside the bed, while I laid calmly.

“My love…” Folding his arms across his chest, he exhaled a resigned sounding sigh. “You know how we men can be a times. I understand every damn reason why you can’t grant my desires as your man.” he said mildly.

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“It’s okay baby. I understand, but this is really hard for me. I cherish my hard work. Appreciate it by supporting me too, and I will support you as well.”

He held my hand and kissed me gently on my forehead, then rose to his feet.

“give me a business plan, let’s see how much It will charge.” I said.

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Leaning back against the luxurious upholstery, Nathan let a smile steal his lips like the sun peeping from behind a cloud. “You’re just adorable, I would never had asked for a better wife.” His words seemed to come out naturally.

“I am good with cooking any kind of food, continental dishes, etcetera.” He said sweetly.


“I will find a place for a good restaurant. Fast food to be precise.” He said.

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“Good! food sells. I think you will need something classy, and a more experienced cook. Let’s draw a plan.” I said delightedly as I rushed to get a pen and paper from the drawer by the bedside. He sat down beside me while we listed the things we needed and the axis that was perfect for my husband’s business plan. We were up and awake till midnight, talking about our new business plan. Everything was in his name, all I did was to give him the amount of money that covered our plans, which was over Fifteen million naira.

Fine Outside; Ugly Inside

For a while, we basked into the feeling of calm that swept over us. It was rare thing since we’d gotten married. Nathan was happy, and I was happy I made him happy.

“Owning a restaurant like those ones I see on Food network was always my dream. Now you’re gonna fulfill it.” He said.

His smile too had caught me unawares countless times. Unguarded, like honey to a bee, it had made everything inside of me feel as if it was indeed drowning in sweet enticing nectar.

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We’d bought an uncompleted building from a former client of mine whose father had died and left the structure many years ago, he gave it to us at a good price.

In few months, everything was reconstructed, designed, perfectly tiled, pictured and then it turned out to be the dream restaurant my husband had always wanted. We bought our kitchen wares from America, and the furniture were specially designed by a very creative decor company. We had spent more than what we’d budgeted, but it was all I wanted for Nathan.

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I sent some Professionals to interview the staff, the cooks , the accountants, and the cleaners. Inemesit was employed too. She needed the job more than anyone else.

And after all was done, gazing directly up to the restaurant, the name ‘Nathan’s restaurant’ sounded a little bit too self centered. It led my thoughts down a very provocative road indeed, I struggled to concentrate when he called my name.

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“Baby, thank you for this great gift.” He said softly, looking into my eyes.

I was worried, that he was incapable of recognizing me as the success behind ‘the nathan’s restaurant. I’d heard him tell his friends before the launching date that he had finally made his dreams come through, he didn’t mention my name.

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Some part of me knew that he was an incredible man, while the other thought him to be ungrateful and too manly. But it was fine.

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