I Got Myself A Man (Episode 7)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 7, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 7)

“You brought home a female maid?” I asked looking bewildered, while I stared meanly at the young girl standing beside Nathan with a Ghana must go bag. She was dressed in a black leggings and a long sleeve white shirt. Her hair was beautifully woven.

“She isn’t a maid, she is my cousin, the one I told you about.” Nathan said.

“You didn’t say it was going to be girl.”

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“And I didn’t say it was going to be a boy either. We disagreed on bringing home a male cleaner. Did you think I was going to bring home a male cousin? After we talked against bringing home a male cleaner?” Nathan ground out.

A chill rippled through my body when I noticed she had a ring on her fourth finger.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“Yes ma. But my husband stays in Togo,” she said calmly.

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“Do not refer to me as ‘ma’, I am your sister in-law not your madam,” I said as I held her bag. “Follow me, let me show you to the guest room,” I said firmly.

Nathan was now relaxed as he walked behind us.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Inemesit,” she replied softly. And then, her cheeks were pale, but she held her head high and wore a valiant smile.

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“I will show you around the house, just rest,” I said, as I closed the room door.

“Thank you baby,” Nathan whispered into my ears. I flushed. It was a bit relieving to know that he appreciated me for letting his family member in our home after few days of our marriage.

“Her husband sells Nigerian made clothes in Togo. I had to let her to come stay with us, after her in-laws made her uncomfortable in their house.”

“It’s okay baby,” I said, running my hands on his cheeks.

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His gaze rested briefly on me. For a split second, I thought of kissing him.

“I have been looking for a job on newspapers, online and everywhere,” he broke the long silence, his face frowned as he walked gently to the sitting room and settled on the couch.

“Jobs are hard to find baby, but don’t worry, I will find you one while I keep paying your allowance,” I said soothingly, patting his back.

His smile was infinitely gentle when he held my hands.

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“Thank you my love. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he said, planting a kiss on my forehead.

Weeks rolled into months, and I kept loving my husband wholeheartedly. Despite the hectic work, I still gave him my time.
Inemesit was of good help to our home. She cooked most of the time, and cleaned the whole house. I’d started paying her salary monthly. She’d appreciated it, I saw the smiles on her face and the joy in her eyes when she held the naira notes firmly in her hands.

“Thank you sister,” she said delightedly.

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Nathan and I had been trying to make babies. We made love almost everyday but to no avail.

The gynaecologist at the University teaching hospital had taught me how to count my ovulation. And after a few trials, I kept seeing my menses. Nathan wasn’t worried, but mama and I were worried and bothered.

“You should visit another doctor Inameti,” Mama said. “You’re not looking any younger, you need children as soon as possible.” She said these words to me anytime I visited home, at a point, it began to sound like a recording in my ears.

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But Nathan always comforted me. “A baby will come, we are not even up to a year in marriage, you should relax your mind.”

I looked up at him and frowned. He finally looked at me, his expression was blank.

“I think you should stop working. This work is stressful, let me do the work, while you rest at home,” he said.  I stared at him without comprehension.

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“You want to take over my job as the Director?” I asked, looking flabbergasted.

“What is wrong about that? Am I not your husband? Besides, I am the man, I should own everything in my name, including this house, the car and the company.”

I giggled, then laughed.

“What is funny about what I just said?” he asked.

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“Everything you said is funny Nathan. You mean that because I am married to you, I should leave all I have toiled and worked hard for, for years in your name, including my hard earned company? Including this house I built with my own sweat, just because I am married to you?”

“Do you think this is a mere relationship Inameti? I am your husband! So, this marriage means absolutely nothing to you? You value all of these things more than me?” he asked, staring directly into my eyes. There was anger in his tone, same as the fired anger stirring in my own eyes.

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I wanted to mock him, but the words died on my lips. We didn’t talk to each other for days. He wasn’t smiling when he had spoken those last words. He had been looking right at me, daring me to disagree, or waiting for me to tell him he was right.